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Address: 92, Christopher Street, New York, New York, 10014, United States.


Mary M. Truitt

Healing Across Time

~ Member Since 2012

Mary M. Truitt is a Recommended Practitioner of the Dolores Cannon method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, having attended all levels of classes. Both a Reiki Master, a Reconnective Healing practitioner, and an intuitive, she brings multiple levels of understanding to her work with you as a guide on your journey together through various past, present, parallel, and future lives. In addition for her work with regression and energy healing, Ms. Truitt has also had extensive training and experience with guiding Shamanic journeys, both for individuals and groups.

Ms. Truitt received a B.A. degree from Sarah Lawrence College and an MFA from Columbia University.  She taught Literature and Creative Writing at George Washington University for many years before opening her hypnosis and healing practice.  In addition, she has published many short stories and essays, and won multiple awards and nominations for her writing.  She has studied a wide range of esoteric literature and is particularly drawn to the dream work of Carl Jung, the teachings of Gurdjieff, and the Edgar Cayce material.  Sessions are available in New York City, NY and Annapolis, MD.

During a session with Ms. Truitt, you can experience profound healing of both the physical and etheric bodies, as energies and traumas are released across time; you will connect with your higher self, with spirit guides, with your power animals, and with ascended masters.

Intuitive counseling and guidance are also available, to help you walk your own particular path towards perfect health and alignment with your true spirit/self.

In addition,  hypnosis for stress relief, anxiety, general well being, and healing are also available.


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Quantum Healing with Candace - When Healers get Sick. with Co-host Mary M. Truitt

It is ascension symptoms? Cosmic energies? Wounded healer archetypes? "Psychic burnout?" What is going on when healers face their own health challenges? Join Candace and her guest co-host Mary M Truitt as they explore this subject. If you love Quantum Healing you will love this show. Candace Craw-Goldman worked closely with the master, assisting her in teaching her method of Quantum Healing and also founded The ORIGINAL Support Forum for practitioners of her method, which she continues to do even today. Candace has practiced Quantum Healing since 2008 and welcomes clients in person for Quantum Healing sessions in her Kansas Wellness Studio and also offers a personalized REMOTE Quantum Healing process. You can find out more about Candace at Mary M. Truitt practices Quantum Healing in Maryland. Here is her website- Thank you to In5d and Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling always for their incredible support Music courtesy Latteta-

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