Mathew Tommy

You Always Live Again

Mobile Phone: 4167881240
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Languages: English

Address: Toronto, Ontario, M6J 0C7, Canada.

Mathew Tommy

~ Member Since 2016

Born in 1988, in the western region of the Caribbean island Trinidad, Mathew always wondered about it all. Their perplexed curiosities about life, death, history, culture, psychology, behavior, spirituality, and the cosmos were and still are what occupies their mind on a perpetual basis.

Their love for metaphysics, spirituality, self-help, self-healing as well as their natural knack for guiding and advising their peers brought them to wanting to find an occupation that they can hone their desire and skills to help those around him find their light and illuminated paths.

In 2014, they were introduced to the work of the late Dolores Cannon which sent them on an uphill journey into the world of mysticism, spirituality and self-realisation.  By October 2016, they enrolled into Cannon’s academy and became a certified Level 1 Practitioner of her wondrous technique.



QHHT Level 1 


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