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Consultation Type: Online, In Person
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Available Hours: Flexible
Payment Options: Electronic Transfer
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Address: 1497, Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, California, 93314, United States.

Michele Campbell

BQH Practitioner Michele


~ Member Since 2019

  1. 20 Plus years active experience,
  2. OBE (Out of Body Experience),
  3. Dreams and Visions of future events,
  4. inner guidance,
  5. Dream Interpretation.
  6. Teach Dream interpretation,
  7. Guide you through the Ascension process,
  8. Teach Spiritual Law,
  9. Awaken The Divine Within,
  10. Light Language/ Speaking in Tongues,
  11. How to Access The Divine Consciousness,
  12. Third Eye activation.
  13. How to receive abundance in your life,
  14. among other abilities and knowledge I have to share with you.
  15. Energy sensitive
  16. Blockage removal
  17. Extraction and Eviction clearing of blocks or unwanted presences



Certified BQH Practitioner, 20 plus years experience of dream work and interpretation, 20 plus years experience in spiritual gifting, Spiritual growth teaching, Awaken to Higher Consciousness




June 2021

I had a light language session with Michele yesterday. If I could give her 5 million stars, I would.
It is difficult to express the sensations and the after effects. It moved me to a higher, more refined, more sublime level.
If you stumbled across this review, i suggest you have a light language session with Michele. All your selves will thank you.



June 2021

Michele was very professional she explains how the whole process works and how to prepare for the session. During the session Michele has a very soothing voice she was with me and guiding me to connect with my higher self. I enjoyed every second of my experience. Days after my session I noticed that I have been opening up more and expressing myself. I am building a strong connection with my heart and intuition. I now have clarity and confidence to believe in my heart and make the right decisions in life I feel harmony.



April 2021

I have never been successfully hypnotised before, so I was unsure as to how successful it would be. I do have a lot of practise with meditation, so with Michele's guidance we were able to make a successful connection with myself. The effects for me were not immediate, but over the next few days I started to realise that changes had taken place.

I recommend this to anyone seeking a reconnection with their higher self, a connection to past lives and an opportunity to have deep, meaningful questions answered.



November 2019

This was my third session and so my review has some comparison to prior experience. We got a late start on our session, but once we started, everything went smooth and just amazing!! Michele was very professional and seems to have a natural knack of asking the right questions to get the best information from the session. Her voice is strong but soothing, perfect for this experience. Michele was very timely about preparing for the session, and also the follow up. I enjoyed my session very much and I highly recommend Michele as a quality source for a BQH practitioner.



November 2019

Awsome experience. She's very good, and knowledged. With an amazing voice and talent for direction, and the guides to bring it all together.


Jen Fisher

November 2019

I loved my session with Michele. Her intuition and connection with her guides during the session helped me to release a lot of stuck energies. I very strongly felt the release of guilt I was carrying from a previous life. It was profound. Thank you Michele.


Now Taking Clients

Ready for clients, please allow me the honor of taking part in your journey as we explore many area's of your being. I record sessions and supply them to the client so they can listen to the session when ever they chose. I am available to do these for you online or if your local we can select a location to meet to have the session in person.

Beyond Quantum Healing & Other Modalities; Introducing Myself To You and What To Expect

This post I introduce myself and let you know what steps happen if you decide to contact me for services. Helps you get a feel for me before reaching out, along with letting you know of other modalities offered to assist different needs.

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