Michelle Stewart

Level One QHHT Practioner / BQH Practioner

Office Phone: 321-830-6565
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: email/phone
Available Hours: Please email for my available dates. I do offer weekend sessions.
Payment Options: QHHT Sessions are offered at $200.00. (Face to Face is in a limited area) BQH online sessions at offered at $100.00 online thru Zoom. This is a past life regression session. Paypal and Venmo accepted

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Address: 13, County Road 916, Thornfield, Missouri, 65762, United States.

Michelle Stewart

QHHT Level One /BQH online

~ Member Since 2019

Most of my clients are on a Spiritual Journey and are seeking a higher perspective for their lives. 

Questions usually are, Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I a star seed? I need help in navigating and understanding the energies I’m feeling? Why am I holding onto pain, anger etc..  If this sounds like you, I am available in the Ozarks,  and surrounding areas for your session.

I mostly work through Zoom, but will consider face-to-face if in my immediate area. 

 It is my intention to provide you with a pure and powerful session where you can get the resolution and or answers to the questions that are most important to you. I am dedicated to guiding you to your higher self where you can discover the best way to make this life all it can and should be!

Whether you chose a past life regression or a regression therapy session in this life, or a session to help you gain a better perspective in ways that are holding you back. I am here to help. Where we go in a session is always your choice. 

Please note, QHHT sessions must be in person, but BQH sessions are every bit as powerful and can be done on Zoom online. I only ask that you have an Ipad or laptop with good internet and a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during your session. 

In person sessions are 200.00

Online sessions are 100.00


Level One QHHT Practioner (In Person Sessions)
BQH Practioner (Online Sessions)
Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy studied for Certification as Hypnotherapist



Elise Glynn

October 2019

Thank you so much Michelle. You helped me to remove this huge block now I am on the right path. Everything is coming together greatly and I am back on the right path! Thank you for your experience and kindness and I look forward to working with you again!!



August 2019

Michelle is excellent and professional. She is kind and has a warm and soothing voice.
She asked the right and significant questions where ever it was necessary and helpful to navigate both of us to the right path and answer.
It was such a valuable time that I could not feel my body almost from the beginning of the hypnosis session.
I could find my way very clear, and the guidance was so great. She did her job perfectly. She read a lot of books and met many great people in her field. Plus she was very punctual, and she drove around 60 min to reach to my place, and she spends about 5 hr for me. After that session, I know my life journey much better than before.
Best of luck for her,
Love you


Lori Gonzalez

August 2019

Michelle is amazing .my session w her was very informative and fun to say the least . Michelle is Extremely kind intelligent , and intuitive . She has so much knowledge and passion about her practice of hypnosis . I’m very blessed to have been able to experience her magic . Everyone should do this!!


Liz Leonard

August 2019

I have never had a session of qhht before. I had started watching Delores Cannon and was very intrigued so i thought I would check online for any practioners in my area. I chose Michelle on intuition and I was so happy that I did. I contacted her and she responded immediately. We set up an appointment that worked for both of us. After arriving at my home we discussed my questions and went into session. Michelle was extrememly personable and professional. She put me at ease immediately. I had an extremely wonderful session professionally guided by Michelle. She recorded the session for me which has.been a blesding for me to review at my time and leisure. I would highly recommend Michelle for anyone interested in taking this fantastic journey into your true essence. Thank you Michelle for a life experience I shall never forget nor you for coming into my lufe. Peace light and love to you always.



June 2019

Michelle was an amazing guide for my first QHHT. I got a lot out of the experience and would recommend anyone who is genuinely looking to heal and learn about themselves. It was an experience I'll never forget as I learned more about myself in one session than I have in 2 years worth of conventional therapy.



May 2019

Highly recommend!

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