Xueqing (Milly) Zheng

Know yourself. Free yourself. Live your full potential.

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Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: 8am-8pm, US Central Time, Mon-Sun Email: zhengxueqing.milly@outlook.com
Languages: English, Mandarin

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Address: Alco, Arkansas, 72680, United States.

Xueqing (Milly) Zheng

Creating with the Heart

Know yourself. Free yourself. Live your full potential.
Do you feel like you are stuck or loss? Would you like to have answers, clarity, and a deeper knowing? Or perhaps you love to explore and expand?
It is my heart’s desire to support you on a journey of self discovery, where we can uncover the unique keys to your transformation, expand your connection with your Higher Self, and explore your passion, purpose and path.
May love guide our lives. May passion illuminate our paths.
(Your Higher Self is still you, but is more or less different from your everyday consciousness, infinite, wise, and full of love. Sometimes the answers they provide can be surprising)

Every session is a co-creation. For my own BQH session, one of my questions was how to better facilitate a session. My Higher Self replied: “Facilitate isn’t the right word. Create. You are creating… you are creating… you are creating…” It was a very unexpected and surprising answer for me, and a bit difficult to grasp. But it all made sense when she later showed me how to create with my heart and my being. I would love to explore with you, the unlimited potential we co-create with our divine assistance.
ps I just started listing in the directory May 2024, so I’d like to offer special pricing (200 USD fee) for a BQH session for this May and June.

My Background
My name is Milly Smith (Xueqing Zheng). I was born and raised in Beijing, China, and completed my college education in the US. I moved with my family to live in the Ozarks (north central Arkansas) in 2019.
I grew up in a very atheist and materialistic (philosophy) environment. I felt lost and depressed for the majority of my childhood and teenage years. I could not find any meaning to life while believing what I was taught: “nothing exists except matter”. After graduating college with the highest distinction in mathematics, I had my second child. I spent hours reading every day while he napped, and he sparked my interest in spirituality as well as healing. I loved it so much and decided to peruse this path instead of math. It led me first to OEFT, and then to BQH after I read several books by Dolores Cannon.
During my journey of self discovery and transformation, I came to understand and appreciate how years of emotional struggles has led me to a path of awaking, and taught me to look at the shadows (within me and others) with love and compassion. I now feel more fulfilled and whole, freer, and happier than I’ve ever been!


Beyond Quantum Healing May 2023

Optimal EFT (OEFT) April 2022

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics December 2020 🙂


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