Mirela Vukman Neylan

Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Payment Options: PayPal and bank transfer
Languages: English, Croatian

Address: 575, Chiswick High Road, London, England, W4 3AY, United Kingdom.


Mirela Vukman Neylan

Heart Medicine

~ Member Since 2013

Within each of us lies an incredible potential for change, healing and growth.

My work is to be a catalyst for you to become a healthy and balanced individual and to empower your personal growth.

Mirela Vukman Neylan


QHHT Level 2 Practitioner trained with Dolores Cannon
Quantum Healing (Beyond Quantum Healing)
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher
Inca Andean Priestess
Sound Healer
Gong Master
Energy Healer


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