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Monica Boone

Boone Harmonic Wellness

Owner, Founder, Partner

~ Member Since 2022

As an Artist, Designer and Healer that has spent the past two decades collaborating and training with countless Healers, Shamans, Qigong and Tai Chi masters from many different traditions including Beyond Quantum Healing, Samuel Sagan’s Clairvision School of Meditation, IST Regression, Entity Clearing, Space Clearing, Reiki, Somatic Movement, as well as spending the last 11 years creating temporary art installations throughout the country while exploring cosmic land energies, I have developed a highly trained yet deeply intuitive approach to my healing arts practice. I am so grateful to all the wonderful healing collaborators and teachers that I have crossed paths with, individuals from all walks of life, with many surprises! It’s nice to stop and acknowledge our time together and our connections.

The blending of modalities takes the best from the years I apprenticed with a Chinese Grandmaster in Hawaii, while simultaneously studying with a Master of a Meditation School, an ancient tradition that is anchored in Laughter and the Joy of Living. The trainings were multi-faceted and included clearing emotional blocks and patterns as well as allowing space for the Spirit to travel to magical worlds, universes and dimensions. Incredible healing and spiritual knowledge are available to all. It is both ancient and modern and has changed my life!

Combined with Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis, these teachings have blossomed into something that is both ancient and new, powerful and exciting in its limitless scope. It is a special time and whether we know to what extent, we are all going through profound changes on a daily basis. Each person that connects with me is welcomed into a safe, nurturing and spontaneous space. I am committed to your healing, spiritual expansion and joy filled life exploration!

It is my intention to help you create the opening that awakens deep personal truths, guided by your own inner clarity and integrity. In the space we create, you will meet and connect with your Higher Self in an honest and intuitive way. You become your own continuously shining inner beacon of light, full of joyful anticipation for all of life’s treasures. As we become who we truly are, we simultaneously participate in the Earth’s awakening. It’s a golden time and I feel so lucky to be here right now. Please reach out at any time to see how my offerings may assist you on your way to vibrancy and lasting transformation.


– Beyond Quantum Healing hypnosis Certified Practitioner.

– Trained and apprenticed with Chinese Grandmaster in Hawaii:

1 – Advanced Energy Healing Certification 1-4 (training both for in-person & remote sessions, full training completed)

2 – Advanced Qigong Energy Healing (1 – 4).

3 – Advanced Qigong ‘Four Seasons’ (1 – 4).

3 – Advanced Freeform, Basic 8 and Rejuvenation qigong courses.

Chosen to be an Apprentice – ancient Qigong and Chinese herbs/healing available only for apprentices.
Included in this apprenticeship: Taoist Healing Tea, Taoist Healing Calligraphy, Healing herbs & foods – ingredients gathered from local Hawaiian farms.
Assisted forming retreat center by Geodesic Dome building followed by dome Healing & dome Qigong.
Community health initiatives at Natural Healing Research Foundation – QiCenter Grandmaster trainings on Oahu & Kauai; mainland California and Sedona, Arizona.

– Samuel Sagan Clairvision School of Meditation, studied directly with Mr. Sagan: IST, Power of the Point, Regression, spiritual worlds, subtle bodies, Third Eye Meditation, entities, healing, advanced astrology, Thunderwand Meditation/Initiation, others.

– TaoZen Association Master Masahiro Ouchi – original student of Mantak Chia – Kuan Yin Qigong, Iron Shirt Qigong, Freeform, Tai Chi; other forms.

– Reiki 1&2 William Rand NY Reiki School.

– Space Clearing Tracey Stanton workshop, Karen Kingston space clearing expert online courses, Somatic Movement, Barbara Brennan Hands of Light advanced healing workshop 1992, Long Island, NY.

– Wu Wei Martial Arts Cheng Tai Chi.

Numerous other trainings over the years.




March 2023

Monica is such a wonderful person. It was my first time doing a BQH session as well as meeting with Monica and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. I wasnt sure what to expect as I’ve had a lot of “crazy”experiences that i havent talked much about, so I was a little nervous to begin with but I wanted to focus on it for the session… within minutes of meeting Monica, it was like i had no care in the world about feeling judged and just blurted everything + more out lol I felt so SAFE and HEARD.  Monica  is such a loving, kind soul and you can FEEL that energy coming from her. Just for that reason alone, 10/10. It’s so important to feel safe and comfortable with a practitioner when discussing such vulnerable personal things in my opinion. And thats exactly how I felt. ???? the session was very cool. I was able to learn a lot from it .. or as some would say “remember”. Haha. Highly highly recommend. Thank you again Monica. You are amazing. ????



March 2023

I had a beautiful session with Monica. She is very caring and committed to her healing work. Her deep listening and non judgement skills put me at ease right from the start. I highly recommend her work to anyone on the path of self discovery looking for a wise soul to hold space and provide guidance.



March 2023

Monica has this powerful feminine strength that helped me feel safe to open up. Her empathy, patience and compassionate listening alleviated much of my sorrow, frustration and anger during our chat. I was receiving so much healing just by the conversation. At times she shared her thoughts which helped me gain another perspective and mostly importantly, support in a situation that felt so stuck. I recognized how I felt my wish wasn’t worthy of attention and under Monica’s guidance, I was able to allow myself to focus on the intention that matter most to me, instead of what I thought I should be.

Monica was very generous with her time. Instead of hurrying me to go into hypnosis, she offered to carry on the session on a later date. She gave me homework which helped me focus on my intention for the session. In between the meetings, I witnessed changes happening in my life, and how I reacted to the challenging situation differently. It felt magical.

The past life portion was fascinating. I was a Chinese woman of noble birth in the Tang Dynasty. My past character was so present that I could feel her emotions and mannerism. My voice became soft and gentle and some of the words that flew out of my mouth were definitely not what I would have used. She was accustomed to not express herself and yet she shared so much with Monica. Just like me, she felt safe. She even called Monica ‘teacher’!

My Spirit Guides came and spoke and offered me a lot of very practical guidance that I could use in my daily life. They were funny, even when they told me about what I could improve on, the feeling was jovial and not harsh like I always feared. I felt loved and special. I feel loved and special now just by remembering the session.
I appreciate that Monica didn’t hurry to get off the meeting after the hypnosis portion of the session. She stayed on and had a chat with me about what happened so that I didn’t have to digest everything on my own. In all, I am very pleased with every step of this experience with Monica and I am definitely very pleased with the magic it has brought into my life.



February 2023

My BQH past life regression with Monica Boone was something I had never expected. Prior to my session, I wasn’t sure what questions I should ask to get the most out of my experience and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be put into the meditative state that was needed in order to experience my past lives. Monica started going over my very basic questions and decided to ask me some questions that allowed me to give her a bit of my backstory. Doing that was what I needed in order to come up with more personalized questions and I felt so much more excited to see what past lives would come forth! I shared my worry about not being to go deep enough to withdraw the memories and she sweetly assured me that everything would be okay and to let her know if it wasn’t working and that we would go from there. That allowed my body and mind to relax even further by taking off my expectations for the experience. Her voice was so soothing and I felt so safe that I was immediately starting to feel myself relax into the meditative state that was needed. My session with Monica was quite amazing. I remembered why I came to Earth and what I looked like before arriving here. I was able to receive direct guidance on what I should put my focus on to fulfill the goals I wanted to achieve before arriving. I got some of the most burning questions answered that I’ve wondered for years about 2 different experiences that has happened within my life. Monica knew what to ask while she was speaking with my Higher Self to continue to get more and more answers for me. She guided me through a healing and I could see my guides working on me, along with Source healing energy flowing through my body as she was directing it to do so. Since my session with Monica, I have felt such a peace about my future. I no longer feel conflicted on what I should put my energy into. It has been life changing! My connection with my Higher Self has been even stronger as well! I am so so thankful for Monica and the session she guided me through! My recommendation is to take that chance and do it! You won’t regret it!



February 2023

I had a healing hypnosis experience with Monica. It was quite profound and brought me to the next level. I am grateful for this opportunity and appreciate for the support, understanding and maintaining safe and healing space during the session.


Deb Woolcott

February 2023

What an amazing experience with Monica. She made me feel very comfortable through the entire process. For several months, I was having trouble sleeping and never felt rested. After our BQH session, I slept for about 12-hours! We were able to explore some hidden and illogical fears that came to resolution. Much gratitude to Monica! Blessings, Deb



February 2023

I learned a lot in my session with Monica! She was very down to earth, and I was comfortable with her right away. She really does these session to get the most out of it for the client to to help them, which I greatly appreciate. Thanks again Monica!


Biba Logan

December 2022

I had the wonderful experience of a Quantum Healing session with Monica

The experience was so wonderful because her guidance her questions and her intuition were professional and considered.

I knew I was in confident and capable hands the moment I logged on and saw her.
Monica took enough time to go through each question with me so we could really understand what it was I was looking for from this session.
After we had our conversation and went through the questions, we both knew exactly what type of experience I was wanting to have.

I felt very relaxed and at ease in her company
and the moment the induction was over I was right in a location, she guided me through gracefully from start to finish

This was an enjoyable experience and I strongly recommend a session with Monica because I received help beyond my expectations which is unusual for me

Thank you

Much Love
Biba x

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