Monica Ramirez

The transformation is a choice and we always have the choice

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Address: 3808, North Cynthia Street, McAllen, Texas, 78501, United States.


Monica Ramirez

Healing Arts by Warrior of Love

Transformational Belief Coach

~ Member Since 2020

Monica Ramirez the Warrior of Love, is a Transformational Belief Coach, she help healers, coaches and energy workers to connect to a higher consciousness and heal within, so that they can believe in themselves more deeply, take decisive action in their own lives and facilitate more profound transformations with their own clients. 

She use NLP, BQH, Channeling, Galactic Akashic Records,  and Quantum Healing Techniques to access and reprogram the ‘motherboard’ of your being so that you can shed the unhelpful beliefs that hold you back, connect to the higher realms, and fulfill your personal and business potential. She is the best seller author in Amazon. Founder of Path to the Heart a transformational System. 

She is a Motivational speaker to help you believe in yourself,  and Multidimensional Energy and Podcaster.

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Certificate as Life Coach, N.L.P., B.Q.H. Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Galactic Akashic Records. Psychic Channeler, Minister, Soul Care Coach, Galactic Akashic Records Reader, Podcaster in Soul Talk, Founder of Path to the Heart Transformational System, Publish Author, and Artists.

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