Monika Gucwa

And therefore if the head and the body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul ; that is the first thing. -Plato

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Address: 16, Jesionowa, Kraków, Małopolskie, 30-221, Poland.


Monika Gucwa

Certified Hypnotherapist

~ Member Since 2014

My passion is helping others access their inner wisdom for healing, clarity, and understanding. By practicing hypnotherapy I have the privilege to assist in overcoming limiting beliefs, in healing emotions, releasing old blocks, and wounds. In my practice I witness how this methodology helps to improve our daily lives, discover who we are at a deeper level, understand life in a larger context, and experience our own divine nature beyond physical limits. 



Natalie Hedges

February 2022

I had a BQH session with Monika. She is so calm and patient, I felt instantly at ease. Monika's energy certainly influenced my session in a beautiful positive way. I experienced going back to the Spiritual realms and discovered more about myself. The session was so valuable to my understanding my life in a deeper way. I highly recommend Monika to anyone. Her gentle nature will help anyone new to this type of session, or who simply wants to seek answers deeper within them self.


Kathy G.

February 2022

I recently had a QHHT Session with Monika and it was great. Monika made it so easy and comforting. I got all my questions answered and was enlightened. I got the insight I was looking for. One of the things I noticed about Monika was how comforting and soothing her voice was. It immediately put me at ease and made me feel safe during the session. I was also impressed with Monika's expertise. She shared her wisdom and gave me different view points to consider. I highly recommend Monika Gucwa.


Doug Weihnacht

November 2021

My experience with Monika was very much life enhancing, possibly life changing as I absorb all I learned. I've had therapy before but never before, in a single session, was I able to fully feel and through feeling understand some of the deep undercurrents running through my emotional architecture. I cannot recommend this therapeutic approach nor Monika as its practitioner highly enough and have recommended her to all my friends and family who've asked me about my experience.

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