Morgan Backus

The truth is always what you choose it to be. You must consider what is supporting your higher growth and what is hindering it. Sometimes all we need is a shift in perspective to see the 'truth' in a different light. Only then will we experience a new paradigm.

Mobile Phone: 6802429317
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Available Hours: Monday 9-4 Friday 9-1 Sunday 8-12
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Languages: English

Time Zone: Eastern

Address: 3276, Main Street, Mexico, New York, 13114, United States.

Morgan Backus

The Conscious Sage

Integration Specialist and Spiritual Cultivator


Hi! I’m Morgan, The Conscious Sage!


I help leaders and spiritualists remove the blocks and trauma that are preventing them from living a life of limitless potential. At my core, I am an integration specialist. Bringing the mind and body into coherence to experience your journey from a newer more aligned perspective. 


I use a few different modalities to assist in my clients growth ranging from Beyond Quantum Healing, Biofield Tuning, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and more. 

I am a lover of Earth and all things plant medicine. Using what nature and energy has to create a life of limitless potential. 


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