Reza Moosavi

All healing is self-healing; you are infinitely more powerful than you might realize. At Spiritual Healing Realm Center, We believe that everyone has the ability to tap into their psychic powers and connect with the spiritual realm. We are passionate about teaching others how to protect their energy field and develop their psychic abilities. Our psychic courses allow you to explore amazing topics and unlock your full potential. We use various methods such as BQH, Clairvoyance & Psychic, QHHT and more for you to start your healing and spiritual path by yourself and your Spiritual team.

Office Phone: +1(647)871-7448
Mobile Phone: +1(647)871-7448
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: Email or TXT are the best! I try to answer phone calls when I am not with clients. WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook are more ways to connect. Then we will find the best time for you in my open schedule. to fit in.
Payment Options: Paypal or All major credit cards via Square or E-transfer to the email
Languages: English, Farsi

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Address: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.


Reza Moosavi

Spiritual Healing Realm Center


~ Member Since 2023

Hello everyone, YES, I am doing full, multi-hour BQH and QHHT sessions in person here in my office studio in Newmarket, and of course, BQH can be done online from anywhere you have a decent internet connection. 

The knowledge is deep within my heart that we are the creators of our own lives. Over time, eons, perhaps we have lost touch with that knowledge. It has been my life’s work searching for the understanding and ability not only to improve and positively impact my own life and health but also that of my clients and to assist other Quantum Healers around the world to do the same.

It is infinitely clear to me that we must approach our lives and well-being in a completely new way than society might suggest. The answers, the wisdom, the tools and the skills are there for each of us to claim and adopt, but sometimes, we need a little help finding them.

Beyond Quantum Healing is not a rigid method. It is not a specific – procedurally constructed modality. It is not trademarked. It is not controlled by strict rules. It is a beautiful new idea that acknowledges that Quantum Healers bring all of their learned skills, as well as their collected wisdom and their intuition, to their practice, and many of them, including myself, use a variety of these skills and methods with their clients.  No two sessions can ever be alike.

ESPECIALLY since the chaos of 2020 and the years following. We have seen this shift and change coming. For a LONG time. 2020 was just the beginning, and Covid was only a small part of it. We have to do things in a new, expanded and inclusive way and in a way that we do not stick our heads in the sand. And we have to do it NOW. We are in the thick of it. There is no time to waste.

Visit me for my offering on my website :


  1. Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)
  2. Clairvoyance Reader
  3. Quantum HealingHypnosis Technique (QHHT)
  4. Spiritual Counselling 
  5. Psychic Development Teacher 



Nicky Laurin

March 2024

Reza is absolutely fantastic, a great listener with so much care for humanity, he is so passionate about helping others and what to see everyone succeed… my session went so well and I learned so much about myself… Reza explained everything so clearly and I felt comfortable with him, A very relaxing session with a lot of great information , that was much necessary.. I truly recommend anyone to reach out to Reza .

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