Naomi Del Gaudio

Office Phone: 808-741-7796
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Languages: English, Japanese

Time Zone: (GMT-10:00) Hawaii

Address: 94-839, Farrington Highway, Waipahu, Hawaii, 96797, United States.


Naomi Del Gaudio




I had my first ever QHHT experience via a session with Naomi and it was so much more than I expected. Naomi patiently took the time to get to understand why I was there, what my purpose was and how she could best facilitate the session. I'm blessed to have found her as my QHHT practitioner I could not be more happy with how she ran the entire experience. From the start she put out a beautiful energy that make me feel comfortable and at ease which for sure enhanced the entire session. Thank you Naomi :) !!!


Jen Mamo

Naomi was engaging, fun, easy going, relaxed..The atmosphere was comfortable. I would definitely recommend her for anyone having their first session and are a bit anxious or apprehensive...It was easy, and I am a very difficult person to convince that QHHT is the right avenue to further exploring my higher consciousness. but I was impressed! I loved it! I love her!



I had SRT session with Naomi and I didn’t know that I had spirit attached and Naomi was able to find out who it was. She was able to send him where he belong and gave me energy to look forward with my life. Thank You Naomi!


Steve Kostov

I did not do any research on Quantum Healing so I could enter the experience with an open mind without any preconceived notions or expectations. It was a fascinating trip to say the least. I had no idea that as a healer Naomi is versed in different modalities involving different approaches and techniques depending on which way the session unfolds. It took an unexpected twist for me and she handled it as a true versatile expert. I got all my questions answered but did not quite realize that due to the deep relaxation induced during the session, until later that night when I listened to the recording before going to sleep as instructed, and it’s when my mind got blown away with a delay, comprehending for the first time how all the seemingly “random”and scattered bits and pieces of information fit together like a puzzle. A day later I’m still digesting what really happened and will continue to listen to the recording before sleep as I’m realizing the benefits continue to mount over time though some are instant. The main thing hard to miss for me was that the day after I felt like a feather. Light but grounded (if that makes sense) and how much is that worth to you. It is priceless to me. Thank you kindly for this gift. Aloha! :)



I had a great experience. Naomi was thorough, sincere and very knowledgeable. I would definitely enjoy using her services again.





Karen A

Very experienced and talented at what she does. Naomi has innate talents and with knowing so many other therapies, she really customizes her sessions to what is needed at that moment. I felt confident and comfortable throughout the sessions when I thought would be rather difficult for me to come up with the answers to her questions. Answers would come up and could feel the results and shifts when we cleared those issues.


Julia GB

I was completely amazed by the entire experience. I felt very safe and comfortable and found the session to be very helpful for me. Naomi is exceptionally gifted and insightful. We had a break through in just the first session and I now know where I can go for further assistance in helping to work through some issues that need some resolution. Thank you so much Naomi for sharing your gift to the world!



Naomei explained the entire process before I had my session with her. She was very caring and she made my feel she was going to take care of me the entire time. Time went by fast and after the session I felt 100% lighter and clearer thinking. Thank you so much for everything, I recommend her for healing. Thank you!!


Ruby Doan

I had a wonderful quantum healing session with Naomi, who is very professional, loving, and caring. Thanks to Naomi's great experiences and skills in quantum healing that I could achieve the intention we together made before for the session with ease. This was my first time experiencing quantum healing, but Naomi's approach and patience helped to remove all of my anxiety and doubt before the session. I highly recommended Naomi's service and definitely will turn to her for more healing sessions.



An experience not to be forgotten. Naomi is very professional. I felt safe and secure with her. We talked then next thing I know I was somewhere else... this is something I hope all that are drawn to QHHT get to try. Thank you Naomi! Blessings over you and your family.


Shelley Dorsie

I am blown away by such an amazing and beautiful session I had with Naomi. I really didn't know what to expect and what emotions may come up for me. Listening to her voice through the process, made me feel safe and loved and it allowed me to really go deep into my session. I was able to receive amazing messages from my spirit guides, including my dad, who passed away suddenly 2 years ago. I feel lighter today than I ever have, and I am excited for the clarity I received about my future. Thank you Naomi, you are a kind spirit, that has been brought to us, to help change the world with your special gifts. Namaste - Shelley xoxo



Naomi is a wonder beautiful soul who I divinely connected to.



Naomi helped me work through several energy related issues. I feel much lighter - mentally and physically after our session.



Highly gifted individual who brought to my attention that I was in need of spiritual release related to recentt liver transplant
There are no words that can describe experience. Just a heart full of gratitude from myself and donor. It's nice to be at Peace.



Words alone cannot fully express my experience with Naomi's session.

It was an out-of-this world feeling that made me feel closer to myself and the world, those 'signs' that I once often questioned, I was able to simply accept and it helped me to be more confident in moving forward with my life.

Thank you Naomi for helping me to heal me!!



Since this was my first BQH session I had no idea what to expect, and now I can say I have never had such a healing experience in my life. It was relaxing, and it totally alleviated my anxieties. After the session, I felt refreshed and was able to sleep through the night, which was something I hadn’t done in months due to many thoughts on my mind. I would definitely recommend this experiencing the session.



I had a very enlightening session. I was able to be connected more spiritually and dive into a deeper understanding of myself and question I have always had within.



Had an awesome experience! Not sure if I could do this but realized how easy it was as long as you keep an open mind and go with the flow. Received messages from my father who had passed years ago and that was very emotional. Would recommend this to anyone.

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