Natasha Callow

Life is never the same after you have had a BQH/ QHHT session!

Office Phone: +61 413 234 672
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: 10am-6pm Melbourne, Australia time zone. However for overseas sessions I am fully flexible.
Payment Options: BQH to be paid in full prior to session via website - $385 Australian dollars QHHT - deposit of $100 to be paid to secure the session via website, remaining $285 to be paid at the end of the session, either by cash, bank transfer or via Square payment device.
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Address: 3, School Lane, Aspendale, Victoria, 3195, Australia.


Natasha Callow

Heart 2 Higher

~ Member Since 2021

Your life is never the same after a QHHT / BQH session.

I know this, I went for my session, and was told that I should be doing this myself!

My deep healing started there,  the connecting of the dots, the karma clearing, the reconnecting to my soul mission, my life purpose. My inner peace was restored. Such a deep deep peace, that I would like to share with you. 

As a highly ascended Sirian Starseed that has travelled this world ( being born in the UK in this life),and beyond, my heart is open to assist you, to allow you to reconnect to your soul family, guides, galactic family and to heal those wounds that affect you in every day life.

With a varied career, corporate pharmaceutical drug development ( a healer even then), equities, accounts ( that sent me to South Africa), and finally here in Australia. My ability to understand the normal 3d world and appreciate our 5d consciousness has been a huge journey,  and allows me to fully feel into where you are. 

I welcome you to my home, just metres from the beach. I offer a safe space with QHHT sessions (just as Dolores offered herself),  and BQH sessions available online or here in person. 

Your privacy is of upmost importance and all session details are kept within my four walls. I do not share sessions online.

The day is yours!
I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey, you are an incredible soul, don’t ever forget that! 


QHHT Level 2



Jodie P

June 2022

Thank you Thank you Natasha for the incredible experience on Tuesday. It is blowing my mind to let you know, I have had NO pain since I saw you. For almost 5 years, my pain has been debilitating, diagnosed as chronic pain, with so many secondary conditions from it, and just like that.... GONE. I can’t explain the happiness I feel and I can’t Thank you enough. I am so hopeful it will stay this way, and for now, I’m going to enjoy every minute.

I feel a sense of calm, deep deep in my core, which is something I don’t recall ever feeling before either, I love it!

I am slowly re-listening to my recording, it’s so much to take in. What a magical experience you have given me.

It was wonderful to meet you.


Lisa Jolly

May 2022

I did a QHHT session with Natasha and I cannot recommend her more highly. It was the most amazing experience.
Natasha's warm and caring nature made me feel at total ease. No topic was too much for Natasha to discuss regarding my fears and blocks in this lifetime. Natasha allowed me to talk beforehand to fully understand what it was that I needed to work through.
The subconscious level that I was able to get to under her guidance was beyond this world, truly cosmic! I am truly grateful for Natasha. The session she gives, the level of detail she can navigate through while I was being hypnotised allowing it to have the depths I needed to bring about a transformation. The effects of this session have been immediate. My energy levels have skyrocketed. My ability to now feel so empowered, liberated and able to move forward confidently has been life changing! Everyday I feel something change for the better which is so exciting.
Thank you Natasha. You are a true gem and your soul is beautiful.


Claire Bear

May 2022

Natasha is an amazing practitioner. Our BQH session was incredible!
Natasha has a warm and friendly personality and made me feel so at ease and comfortable during the session. She is easy to speak to and I received answers to many questions that were holding me back.
She is knowledgeable and her experience is second to none. Highly recommend Natasha for QHHT and BQH, you will not be disappointed. <3


Maxine Winter

May 2022

A wonderful experience with a beautiful person. She made me so welcome and comfortable I felt like we had been friends for ever. I highly recommend a visit for a QHHT session. It was everything I could have hoped for. Thank you Natasha, you are a special caring person ❤❤❤


Nicky S

April 2022

I feel blessed to have found Natasha. From the wonderfully warm first communication to the moment I finished the session, I found Natasha to be so kind, caring, bubbly and easy to talk to and professional.
I was able to access several past lives which have solved many unanswered questions in this life. I now understand my purpose fully.
I hugely recommend Natasha to be your guide to gently access those hidden treasures of yours which lie there waiting to be rediscovered.


Dan Turner

April 2022

An amazing experience all round. Words cannot express my gratitude for Natasha - I completed the QHHT session with Natasha and it was the most phenomenal experience I have encountered. I have listened to my recording from this session and I am blown away how fast I responded to questions, as my feeling at the time was that I was taking minutes not seconds to answer Natasha's questions. I felt completely at ease and comfortable during my time with Natasha. I feel entirely at peace, all my fears and stresses have melted away from once was part of my everyday mindset, and I am stepping through life in every moment with wholeness and love.
Natasha is a kind, generous, gentle and loving person with amazing abilities. I am truly grateful to have found you- thank you!

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