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Available Hours: Friday, Saturday and some Sundays for BQH sessions. Pre and aftercare sessions, if not on BQH day bookings, Monday to Thursday. Counselling Sessions: Monday to Thursday. Various times available.
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Address: Caterham, England, United Kingdom.


Natasha Huggins-Woolcock

True Dynamics


~ Member Since 2022

My passion is to heal, minds, body, and soul.  As a qualified Counsellor, I hold space for you to express your current life experience that is a precursor to your quantum healing session.  Our life experience can run deep, deep into the body, the soul, and the mind, down into the molecular structure of our cells.

My first knowledge of the subconscious is through reading Brian Weiss book, Many Masters, Many Life’s, that took me on the quest to find a modality that fits my knowledge of consciousness after my counselling studies.  I decided on BQH for its versatility and zero dogma and the fact QHHT modality is the heart of BQH. 

My own experience with quantum healing was profound, healing the inflammation on my foot and understanding why I carried the extra weight on my body.   As I continued my regressions with BQH, I was directed to what I needed to know and further release back pain and old stagnant energy.

I could not have expanded my consciousness and deeply access my sub and unconscious mind without regression techniques.

Everyone is unique and will have their own experience in line with their own unique path in life.

In session, you choose what you wish to relax with, whether that is music of your choosing, incense, aromatherapy, crystals etc,  This is your time for deep self-care and magical happenings.

A healer is called to heal, this is my calling.  I look forward to connecting with you.



Registered Counsellor
BQH Certified Practitioner



Agota Horvath

April 2024

10 star experience !!!!! I had an outstanding session with Natasha . She is a consummate professional and made me feel instantly comfortable and safe . She not only has the perfect soothing voice for inducing me into an altered state but the way she steered the session teased out all the answers I was seeking . She is a lovely and exceptionally talented healer ! Absolutely fantastic experience , can't recommend her enough ! If you are sitting on the fence , book a session with her , you won't regret it !


Barbara Cel

November 2023

In my case, the session was a regression to my childhood. In a state of deep relaxation, close to hypnosis, I returned to difficult experiences and was working with them, checking whether they influenced my physical health. Natasha is a therapist with knowledge and experience. She is very empathetic, warm and full of understanding. For me, the experience of the session had a psychotherapeutic effect. I understood my needs and emotions better.


Karen Goodliffe

October 2023

Natasha was kind, patient, really heard me and held space beautifully. The healing I received was so very much needed!
Thank you for a session that healed, facilitated further exploration and enabled and supported me on the next part of my spiritual journey 🙏😊


Diana W

July 2023

Natasha has a lovely, effervescent personality. From the moment we began, I felt an instant rapport and a profound sense of trust in her.

Throughout the session, she patiently guided me into a state of deep relaxation, enabling us to explore my soul's memories and release any emotions that no longer served a purpose.

With her assistance, I effortlessly connected with my spirit guide and gained access to my own inner wisdom.

Natasha is a great listener and I really appreciated how she listened to me and offered her advice.

I highly recommend her services, and I am looking forward to working with her again in the future!


Alicia LeFevre

June 2023

It was so nice connecting with Natasha! She explained everything and made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. I was not sure what to expect, but she was able to get my questions answered. She is such a lovely soul and look forward to working with her again! Thank you so much! 



May 2023

I had a pleasure to have my BQH session done by Natasha.

From the beginning to end, she provided me with very calm, professional and safe space.

She was a great listener, non judgmental and very compassionate and supportive.

The hypnosis itself was wonderful, I felt very comfortable and I followed Natasha’s voice that was guiding me deep into my subconscious mind.

I experienced several past lives and I received the messages and teachings that I was looking for.

I recommend session with Natasha if you are looking for deep healing and exciting experience of Self.



March 2023

Natasha is such a kind and wise soul, and I’m deeply grateful to have received a session with her. During the regression I was able to access parts of myself that were longing to be seen and heard, and Natasha guided me through a beautiful healing journey. I was joyful and buzzing with energy after our session. I still feel like my healing is unfolding even afterwards with more synchronicities and shifts in my lifestyle. Thank you Natasha! 



December 2022

I heard about quantum healing so I decided to try it with an open mind even though - to be honest - I wasn’t pinning high hopes on it.

To my surprise, after the sessions with Natasha, I fully recovered my voice. It has now been months and even though I had a very bad cold and throat infection my voice didn’t disappear!

And stress doesn’t seem to affect it anymore so I am very grateful for the experience and I strongly recommend Natasha as a quantum healer


Biba Logan

December 2022

When I first logged on and saw Natasha's face and energy I knew I was in good hands because she has a beautiful energy and she's very kind and professional.

Natahsa took time and consideration to get to know me and was very intuitive in her questions and guidance.

Yhe actual hypnosis part of the session was amazing she was very comfortable in the ethereal realms and she knew exactly what questions to ask, I remember thinking to myself during this experience how happy I was to have her as my facilitator because her questions were so intuitive

Natasha, she's a natural healer and she has a lovely natural ability about her.

I would strongly recommend having a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Natasha

it was so good I've actually booked in for another one


Intro to Beyond Quantum Healing

Intro to BQH. To find out more information, contact me through my website, Whatsapp or BQH profile. I look forward to connecting with you. Tash

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Contact me at ,Love and light

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