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Everything is vibration "Albert Einstein"

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Address: 8, Bancroft Road, London, England, E1, United Kingdom.

Nicola Cooper

BQH Practitioner

~ Member Since 2020

Hi, I am a certified psycotherapist, hypnotherapist and life coach practising  beyond quantum healing. My work has always been associated with shadow work, dealing with the undercurrents that unconsciously effect people's emotions, behaviours and life choices.

Since I was a child I have always been interested in all things metaphysical, questioning why I was here and what life was all about. Being able to sense and feel others emotions and physical ailments which caused an inate need in me to help others.

My passion is for human beings to become aware of just how powerful they are, each and everyone of us holds an immense amount of power that gives us the capability to heal ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, which allows us to have a clearer perspective on ourselves and life, giving us access to our true potential. Emotional block's, past experiences, programming, projections from others, what we eat, our environment and our daily internal dialogue effect our vibration. Our vibration eminates out into the universe ,much like a stone tossed in a river creating a ripple effect, which attracts more of the same vibration back to us effecting our reality.

Going within and becoming self actualized gives us the opportunity to become more aware of what we are vibrating giving us more control of our internal and external world.

I absolutely love BQH  it is a wonderful transformational journey and a beautiful healing modality. My intention for your session will be to incorporate the other modalities I am experienced in into your BQH session if necessary to give you the best possible outcome.

If you would like me to facilitate your BQH  journey then please contact me via email also checking your spam folder for my reply.

Lots of love Nicola.


Beyond quantum healing
Psycotherapy MA MBACP
Regression hypnotherapy (level 2)
Life and mainfesting coach (ICF)



S. Newman

December 2020

I had a session with Nicky and it was amazing. She is very knowledgeable and makes an effort to make you relaxed and comfortable. Life changing experience. Would highly recommended!



March 2020

I had my Quantum healing session with Nicola.It was an amazing experience.Highly recommend this kind and caring person to everyone.


Jordan fowell

February 2020

I had a amazing session with Nicola It was the best thing that has happened to me I came out the session a different person. I was amazed at how great Nicola is at her job she is very professional and extremely knowledgeable on everything about Quantum healing and it was a life changing experience I am so proud I did a session with her I recommend everyone to give it a go you will be absolutely amazed and it will change your life.


J Crawley

February 2020

I was fortunate enough to have a session with Nikki. It was a very intense and strange experience. The 3 hours passed in what seemed like minutes and I was transported to previously unchartered parts of my psyche. I don't know how she does it but I felt great afterwards, like a new awareness had settled upon me.


Robert Weston

February 2020

I had a consultation with Nikki before I had the hypnosis so that we could discuss what I wanted from the session. I found the whole experience to be very enlightening, professional and interesting. I would absolutely recommend that everyone tries this at some point in their life.

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