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Alexis Butts

Observers Within - Experience your Multidimensionality

Are you ready to immerse yourself in your multidimensionality?

Observers Within is your quantum nature, your multidimensionality. It’s all of your past lives, all of your future lives and everything in between, it’s you in your entirety. Your Observers Within are the intangible aspect of yourself that resides in your subconscious. The free will that you hold in this lifetime influences and ripples out into each of those lives and each of those lives are also influencing you. 

We are multidimensional beings, what we do in this lifetime has an influence on what story we will bring into our next lifetimes. The unknown that happened in past lifetimes creates karma that your consciousness carries into this current lifetime. 

Through a Beyond Quantum Healing session I lead my clients through a portal into their subconscious where they are able to experience their consciousness in its fullness and learn what stories their soul has carried into this present incarnation. Here my clients can interact with the many stories within themselves to gain greater innerstanding of who they are and why they are in this current lifetime. 

The ultimate goal of Observers Within is to make the unconscious conscious and the unknown known. Beyond Quantum Healing is your tool to experience your full quantum nature and connect with your Observers Within.

Meet your Facilitator

Hi I’m Alexis.

Exploring my own Observers Within has taught me that this journey is a co-creation between free will and Source, it’s not a clear linear path, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Facilitating this work is helping me to challenge and rewrite the stories my soul has carried into this lifetime. My clients are often walking a similar path, and offer me a much needed reflection of why I do this work and why I seek a deeper connection with my Observers Within. Each experience on this journey has brought me greater innerstanding and capacity to embody my truth and experience joy.


Beyond Quantum Healing 

Spirit Release Therapy

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening and Healers

M.A. in International Relations The New School with Concentrations in Development and Governance

B.A. in History California State University San Bernardino with Concentration Political Economy


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