Christy Major

Office Phone: 215-932-1867
Mobile Phone: 215-932-1867
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Best Contact Method: Email
Languages: English

Time Zone: EST

Address: Fountainville, Pennsylvania, 18923, United States.


Christy Major

Graceful Soul Healing

QHHT/BQH Practitioner

My name is Christy Major, I am a Microbiologist/Biotechnologist by trade and have worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for 25 years.  

But over the past several years I’ve learned that my purpose, or calling, is to help people, pure and simple. I have had my fair share of trauma in my life; marriage, divorce, fertility issues, custody battles, suicides, depression, physical and mental abuse, loss of a child, loss of my parents, struggles with my spirituality. ALL of which is what led me down the path of QHHT® and BQH®, as I searched for answers to my physical and emotional pain. I truly believe that we are all meant for something greater, not only as individuals but Humanity as a whole, and I believe that QHHT® and BQH® can help us understand our present, through an exploration of the past, and move us all in the direction of our true purpose.  

I also feel that those of us that have experienced trauma in our life are Survivors, not victims, and that we hold a certain kindred connection to each other and are better equipped to help others with their healing.  I would not go to a plumber for help understanding what is wrong with my car and how to fix it.  Just as I would not ask a Priest for marriage advice.  Having a relevant frame of reference is important.

I hope that you will consider allowing me the privilege of introducing you to QHHT®/BQH® and the incredible healing it provides. 


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