April Pullins

True healing is multidimensional. It encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being. When we address and nurture each one of these dimensions, we create holistic and transformational healing experience that brings balance, restoration, and renewal to our entire being. And at the heart of it all is love.

Mobile Phone: 1-614-226-2711
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: Varies
Payment Options: Venmo, Kajabi Pay, Zelle
Languages: English

Time Zone: EST

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Address: Powell, Ohio, 43065, United States.


April Pullins

Quantum Healing Adventures

Quantum Detective, Cosmic Healer

~ Member Since 2023

How would it feel to find the solutions to any perplexing challenge? 

 Are you tired? Do you want answers? As a quantum detective, I traverse the trails of the physical realm, followed by delving deep into the spirituality and energetics of individuals. I spent decades working on healing physical bodies with 3-D concepts. The tools of the Integrative Health Coach do help. However, I learned first hand – they are not enough, much of the time. What if we incorporate all your subtle bodies? What happens as we connect to your Higher Self, your body, guides, Ascended Masters, Angelics and Other-dimensional friends? We can work as a team to explore your personal Akashic records. Once we have the proper data for YOU, we use a plethora of quantum healing tools to clear your challenges. What do you say?  Let’s take this adventure together!


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