Rochelle Berghoff

Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Best Contact Method: Email
Languages: English

Time Zone: HST

Address: Waimānalo, Hawaii, 96795, United States.


Rochelle Berghoff

Quantum Beyond

Quantum Healing Practitioner

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Let’s bridge the gap

Experience limitless possibilities of tapping into your own inner wisdom during a Quantum Healing session. I’ve always been deeply connected to what I refer to as “the beyond”. I access wisdom and spiritual depth via nature, animals, and artistic expression. I’ve been practicing energy related work professionally for over 5 years, but truly for lifetimes. Helping individuals tap into their highest potential and expand consciousness. Through my sessions, clients have experienced profound shifts and gained valuable insights. I am dedicated to guiding you on your journey towards self-discovery and transformation. I’ve ceased using the term “healer” and instead think of myself more as a tour-guide, as all healing is self-healing.



Krystina Benson

March 2024

The session I had with Rochelle helped me move through my final blocks of stepping into my abilities and feeling comfortable to stand in my truth.

I have been able to remember many of my past lives for a while now. The experience of visiting one was completely different, however.

Now I know why I am here and why I have had such a hard time accepting my deepest truths. Since my session I have remembered even deeper truths and feel comfortable to speak my truth as well.

I highly recommend a session with Rochelle! Not only will you know yourself on a deeper level, you will also be guided by someone that will honor your needs and hold space for you as you process what comes through.


Ivonne Shoup

March 2024

This was my first BQH session ever and I'm grateful to Rochelle for guiding me through the whole session! I went in with zero expectations but with clear intentions of what I wanted to tap into. Rochelle helped me through the whole process! Her friendly and calm energy allowed me to fully relax and enjoy the experience--which was intense! I received many insights. Not every question I had was answered, but I was given what I needed to know and more! I experienced many spiritual activations during our session that I was not expecting to receive. Powerful divine forces came through so strongly. A lot of old stagnant energies were released. It took me days to process all the shifts that occurred within me after my BQH session. And Rochelle has been so kind and sweet to check in with me afterwards too. I would 100% do another BQH session with her and recommend her services to friends and family.


Toni Phillips

February 2024

My hypnosis with Rochelle was life-changing and I felt that immediately after our session. This session allowed me to find answers I’ve been searching for consciously for so long. It felt like a cheat code to a new reality! Rochelle helped me feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire session. I 10/10 recommend BQH to anyone looking to go next level in their reality.


Julia Lera

February 2024

I had a pretty life changing experience with Rochelle. She's compassionate, knowledgeable and was able to ask the exact right questions to lead me to the deepest side of my consciousness. I highly recommend her.


Trusting with Water - Guided Meditation

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