Anete Pujate

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Albert Einstein-

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Anete Pujate

Quantun Healing with Anete

Founder / Practitioner

My name is Anete Pujate and my resource place is a state of peace, love, balance and harmony. I feel guided to bring that more in the world by serving and hepling others. My passion is to help people heal and transform their lives. 

I believe that a healing is a journey and that you aleardy have all what it takes to do that and to reach your highest potential in life. I am here just to guide you through it.

If You are looking for more peace, joy, and balance in your life. Please see what I can offer You so You can experience profound healing and transformation with my range of modalities. My personalized approach ensures that you receive care that’s tailored to your unique needs, so you may experience deep healing and achieve a lasting sense of well-being. Offering Beyond Quantum Healing sessions, Timeline healing sessions and qigong practice.

Much love and light to all of us!



Anette Nossiter

I came into the session with no expectations and came out with an experience that has changed me forever. Anete's calm and beautiful voice led me into a healing I couldn't imagine with pure and genuine love. Thank you for this journey and may this review help attract others seeking her miraculous healing.


Dawn Green

I feel so blessed to have been led to Anete for my first-ever BQH session. As we were going through the induction I kept thinking to myself - when is the point where I will be hypnotized? When will it happen? I kept waiting and wondering…until the time came where she asked me what I sensed, saw or noticed. My answer was: nothing. I didn’t see, sense or notice ANYTHING. I thought my session was done because I wasn’t getting anything. So, I told her what was going on in my head but that I kept hearing, “pressure to perform”, …she took that phrase and dove deep into it with such calm, power, ease and grace. She got to the bottom of when that block began and I was able to release it. I had no idea that was a block of mine. She then ended up leading me to where my higher self spoke through me very clearly!! I was SO impressed with the way Anete turned, what seemed like a failed situation (to me), into a session that is pure gold! Anete is extremely sharp, intuitive and attentive with the ability to gracefully lead her client to a place of peace and ease, allowing for the information to start flowing through. I was ready to give up on myself but Anete turned it all around and made our session a massive home run! So much of the information that came thru tied into my life in ways that have completely shocked me! Anete is a pro!! If you feel like you want to do a session but you don’t think you can by hypnotized, book a session with Anete! She will work her magic!!


Raia Ylanna

I am so grateful my soul led me to Anete, she is a beautiful and gentle soul who guided me through an amazing journey of self discovery and healing, I honestly wasn't sure if this would work for me, she had me so relaxed so fast I was able to receive so much information and the best part was to having my questions answered by my Higher self, which was amazing, I am grateful for Anete's gentle wisdom and her voice is like an angel guiding me through the whole time. thank you so much for an open heart and your gentle presence. Wishing you so much JOY!



Shauna Gutierrez

I am beyond grateful to have crossed paths with Anete! She is a skilled and intuitive practitioner and I highly recommend working with her if you're looking for a powerful and transformative experience.

Prior to my session, Anete took the time to hold a consultation meeting. She thoroughly explained the BQH process, answered my questions, and got an idea for why I wanted to have a session. She also provided plenty of resources for me to look into before my session. I felt very prepared for the experience.

During my session, Anete skillfully guided me through scenes from current life- both past and future. I had expressed that I hoped to call back energy that may have been fragmented in my childhood. With patience and compassion, Anete helped me achieve this in my session. I felt myself take in so much light throughout my session and it was clear to me that Anete could sense when this was happening. She knew when I needed time to sit in the energy as well as when I was ready to move on. The way she followed her intuition to navigate the session is a skill that cannot be taught.

Anete was kind and firm with my Higher Self and truly advocated for my healing. I received so much great information! I left my session feeling like I had received a powerful upgrade.

Anete would facilitate a great session for you no matter where you are on your path-especially those who are ready to go deeper into their healing and understanding of themselves. Be ready for a loving and profound experience! Thank you, Anete!


Todd Paterson

I was taken on a beautiful journey being guided by such a loving and gentle soul in Anete. I knew the moment that we started interacting that our session together would be a magical one, but I had no idea just how much!! I had a few butterflies in the beginning, but those feelings were lifted from me quickly by the calm and tranquil energy that Anete’s being exudes. I felt safe and enveloped in her souls loving embrace. She guided my higher self masterfully and in doing so I was able to gain so many more insights and wisdom as a result. I had been feeling a lot of different physical pains off and on for a while, but the day after my session with her I was able to go on a five mile run with no aches or pains. I’m beyond grateful to you Anete for having this opportunity to connect with your glorious soul and spirit team. Thank YOU from the very depths of my being. I just can’t say enough!! ❤️🙏🏼😊


Lencia Joseph

I had the pleasure to experience Bqh session with Anete. It was amazing, we had a consultation meeting before hand where she informed me about the session. She's very knowledgeable and compassionate. I would definitely recommend Anete.


Savio Alvares

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have had a BQH session with Anete. She is gentle yet firm, has the most soothing voice and strong personality for it. She asked the right questions to get deeper answers from me, and in the session she was so patient and so attentive to me. I felt so protected and guided under the watchful eyes of Anete.

My session was very deep and profound. I saw past lives that gave me clarity on a few things in my present life, and I got important answers to a few life questions. I can already feel the changes unfolding as I write this. Old fears do not feel as strong, old habits are starting to change, new opportunities have already started showing up.

The freakiest thing is I saw Anete in a past life. Until this session, we had no connection with each other, we live in different countries, never met, yet we've had a close relationship in a past life. This shows you how we're all connected as a people, and this session was no coincidence.

I watched the recording of my session, and I could see her so focussed, so gentle and smiling through out. She was so attentive and present throughout. The session brought out some important past details that have shaped my life, and gave me the knowledge of how to live my best life.

If you're thinking about having a session with her, grab the chance. It is life-changing.


Water alchemy

Start with clearing Yourself from all the stress and tension. Infuse Your water with love and light, intention and emotions that You would like to experience in the day. Drink it and enjoy Your awesome day!

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