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I AM - In the process of consciousness, I recognise that I am the reflection of the oneself and I have the power to transform the reality.

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Address: 49, Bergstraat, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bali & Dubai + Remote (Online) Sessions. Please contact me for availability, Brussel, 1000, Belgium.


Salma Klijn

Energy & Quantum Healing Practice - I AM Love & Light

~ Member Since 2023

Beautiful Soul,

Thank you for choosing to connect at this time. If you are on this site, it means you are already walking on your divine path of self-discovery, self-healing, and enlightenment. Your reward of walking that path is transmutation, raising your vibration and the expansion of consciousness. Healing yourself contributes to the healing and awakening of our planet and the collective as well. I thank you for choosing you. I thank you for your courage to follow this path. I thank you for doing this for you, for us, for our planet and for the universe.

A life journey of Self Transformation and Spiritual growth has led me to live in alignment with my soul purpose in life in service of humanity. I am highly committed and passionate about helping people elevate to a higher level of consciousness. My mission is to empower you to heal, to be in alignment with your soul’s path and to transform your life.

As a certified energy and quantum healing practitioner I offer a range of healing modalities across the globe that will allow for a heart-centered, holistic yet focused approach. Through the support of The Creator of All That Is, your higher self’s wisdom and  your spirit team, I can transmit high frequencies of healing light, to assist you in releasing, transforming, and evolving spiritually.

To book a session, visit

– Quantum Soul Origins & Guidance Reading & Galactic Astrology

– Beyond Quantum Healing

– Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

– ThetaHealing

– Emotion Code

– Emotional Freedom Technique

– Sacred Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremonies

Location: Remote/Online, Bali, Dubai, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Energy & Quantum Healing, your journey of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing starts here.

Looking forward to connecting and to being of assistance.

Love & Light, Salma



Nina Struik

October 2023

Salma is amazing. I have done a quantum healing and the soul guidance reading. She really takes the time to give you all the attention you need and she needs to be as complete and accurate as possible. She has a serene and peacefull energy and one can really feel that Salma wants to help you reach a higher level. She truly is love and light. Thankyou so much for your support!


Denzel J

August 2023

After experiencing many synchonicities that brought me to Salma and her work, I was not disappointed when faced with the sheer quality and quantity of information from the Quantum reading and Galactic Astrology. To have the affirmation about your origins and experiences necessary be resolute in your decisions moving forward is truly a blessed feeling. Thank you!



August 2023

I feel very luck for opportunity to have had a Soul Guidance Reading with Salma. I received a very long report with many amazing “information” nuggets, and I am sure that I will keep finding more and keep reading it for months or even years :D I also got to have a video call with her. Despite my many questions, she managed to answer all of them and provide eye opening insights. At times it felt like she was reading my mind. Her words deeply resonated with me, and I received information, inspiration and hands-on tools for exactly for what I was looking for. It felt like magic and opened my heart and mind to believing more deeply into us being so much more than just our mind and body. I still feel inspired to have been in her presence and witness someone tapping in with source. To be honest, I never had a reading that was so on point, or so genuinely resonated to what felt true in my heart. I am very grateful for the guidance and feel much more clear on how to continue my journey. Also, I appreciate that she gave the session all the time it needed so that she was sure all the information that was needed came through.



August 2023

Salma is extremely intuitive!
Its lile she had jumped into my head and read my thoughts.
It wss clear ro see how hard and how much work had gone into my birth chart. It wss deep and very thorough.
It took some time to process all the information. I will contunue to re read my report as everytume i do i unravel into a deepeer understanding of my journey.
Sincere gratitude to this beautiful soul. I highly recommend her work.

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