Sarah Shrewsbury

You are your own best medicine. My role as facilitator is in helping you Remember this, and to descend from unintegrated, looping mind patterns into the Sacred Heart and Soul of who you are.

Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Best Contact Method: Email
Payment Options: Payment is due via debit or credit; processed through Stripe in order to book on my Stan store. For those interested in paying by PayPal or similar, private arrangements are occasionally made. There are no refunds for my services. At the time of booking, a zoom link is generated that reserves our time together in my calendar and is sent to you immediately. For BQH, I currently request that a preliminary form be filled out to see if we are a good fit: please email to request this!
Languages: English

Time Zone: Central

Address: Wichita, Kansas, United States.


Sarah Shrewsbury

SarahDescending, Quantum Akasha + Energy Healing

Energy practitioner

~ Member Since 2023

BQH + Quantum Akash + Intuitive Visioning + Compassionate Entity Release & more

Sarah is a multi-modality energy channel in constant connection with the Quantum Akash, Itself an aspect of God-Source. A variety of effective modalities are available in her energy work practice. Sarah sees people from all over the world via Zoom. For those local-ish to the Wichita, KS area, other arrangements are possible as led. Find her on most social media platforms @SarahDescending.


Beyond Quantum Healing certification

Akashic Records Reader, certified through Dr. Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies

initiated into core shamanic practice

developer of Soul Guided Emotional Release + Energy Balancinfg


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