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Shannon Flaherty

~ Member Since 2018

I am a certified QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) Practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon in 2014, a certified BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) practitioner and a NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist.  I am also a level three (Master) Reiki practitioner, trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method.  I have been passionate about & studied metaphysics since a very young age.

I know that we are all connected at a higher level & our true nature is that of love, light & energy.

We have all chosen our lives & our experiences for the purpose of enriching our soul.

By discovering your true energetic self and how to balance & attune your energies with your surrounding environment you are able to view your life journey from a new and higher perspective.

Understanding and accepting yourself and how the  people, places & things serve you on your journey allows you to free yourself of negative energy and experience the power of true energetic harmony & balance.

Humor & fun is also wonderful energy, so if your desire is to just have a fun, interesting experience & not take the rest too seriously, that is great too!

My passion is self empowerment of each beautiful unique individual.


Usui Shiki Rhoho Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher
QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
Certified Consulting Hypnotist , National Guild of Hypnotists
Clinical Hypnosis, American School of Clinical Hypnosis International
BQH Beyond Quantum Healing



Jennifer Mc

April 2024

Shannon is very professional, as well very knowledgeable in this field. I hope to have continued success with the results and insights from my session. It was a pleasure working with her.


Lisa Lane

April 2024

Shannon really knows what she is doing and she has a beautiful, kind soul. It is important to feel safe and her knowledge and skill make you feel safe.
I highly recommend her as a practitioner.



December 2023

I had a QHHT session with Shannon and felt so taken care of throughout the entire experience. She was very kind, understanding, and did an amazing job at encouraging those higher aspects of self to open and share insight that I'm still assimilating. I'm grateful for the lovely and comfortable experience that she facilitated, and highly recommend her services. I was pleasantly surprised for all of the answers that came through and it's so evident to me, through the questions that Shannon asks and her determination to obtain helpful information, that her skills are what allowed things to flow how they did.

Thank you Shannon!!~~~


Daniel Evans

October 2023

I went into this session completely opened minded and not really knowing what to expect. What I got out of it was a better understanding of myself. I have lived most my adult life living with anxiety, stress, and a sense of isolation. Looking for answers in religion and therapy through the VA, what I came out of it was that I must have issues. After just talking and going through this process with Shannon I was able to understand and put down my anxiety. She was able to do what no therapist was able to do for me. Like a weight off my shoulders!! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves, the world around them, or just needs to improve your energy.


Celeste T

October 2023

While I have been spiritual for what seems all my life, when I stumbled upon the work of Dolores Cannon, I knew that receiving a qhht session would be so beneficial at this point my journey. That being said, my session with Shannon was phenomenal. Her very warm and welcoming energy had me feeling at home & cozy right away. Not only was the hypnosis portion incredibly in depth and healing, but the pre-talk was its very own therapy session in itself. Following my session, I have felt completely flushed out (energetically) in the best way possible. While I have been reminded to follow a blueprint (list of practices/activities that reflect my highest joy), I also released so much stored trauma that was in my body during my session. As a result, I feel significantly lighter. This includes my mind, where I would naturally be experiencing those incessant negative thought loops- it's now quiet. I have been greatly reminded of my worth and the extraordinary power I (and YOU) hone within. If you're looking for a practitioner, Shannon is such a wonderful guide! She is incredibly thorough and takes all the time needed to provide a beautiful and in-depth session!!

For anyone curious- Along side of transmuting the stored energy that was not serving me. My dreams have become extremely vivid. Feels like I'm going on an adventure every night, that seems to last the extent of 4-5 days. My psychic abilities I have been working to open up more are so much stronger. I am actively expressing myself freely and living in alignment with authenticity.

- If you're still adding questions for your session, I would recommend requesting to go to the Healing Temple. All I can say is Wow... I'm writing this 5 days after and I still feel like my head is open from when I received healing upon being taken in this scared temple.

Shannon, thank you again for providing me with such an amazing session!!


Daniele Bernard

October 2023

Mrs. Flaherty was well prepared, experienced, thorough, and compassionate. I enjoyed the entire experience. I highly recommend her fine service!


Shelly Kasch Mansfield

September 2023

After becoming interested in quantum hypnosis, I was led to Shannon, who lives in my area. I was already on a spiritual journey and had experienced recent energetic shifts but I wanted to go deeper to understand more. Shannon was an absolute joy to work with, she prepared me so thoroughly for the experience and helped me to access deeper states. The result was increased trust in my intuition and clear feedback from higher guidance, I have worked with other modalities including plant medicine, which can be valuable, but this experience showed me everything I need is within me. Shannon holds a beautiful and accepting energetic space. The experience went way beyond my expectations and I am still receiving messages, guidance and synchronicities from it. If you feel called, I highly recommend working with Shannon. She is a gifted healer. 


Sunshine Velez

August 2023

It was an amazing experience. She is very kind and wise. I highly recommend.



February 2023

Words can’t describe what Shannon did for me. Came out feeling like a new guy with a recharged energy and way better energy.
Thank you Shannon



August 2022

The second time around was just as great as the first. Shannon is a real “find” and she can possibly assist you as well, I certainly recommend Shannon highly, for such matters.



April 2022

Shannon was amazing! She lead me through an intense session and I experienced major breakthroughs and healing right away.



April 2022

Shannon’s session was outstanding! Thank you, I feel so much better, it was intense and very educational, thank you again.



April 2022

My session with Shannon was very effective and helped me discover many things about myself. She is extremely thorough and established a compassionate loving rapport with me. I not only enjoyed the session, but after have also felt, a burst of energy and flow in my life.



March 2022

I recently took the course and knew what was to be expected. I went into this knowing that sometimes people are able to get the information they seek and sometimes they're not. Some are able to see glimpses of past lives and some are not. However, it was more than I could've ever hoped for and I'm so glad that I was led to Shannon. Through her guidance I was able to see glimpses of three past lives and received the answers to several questions. She's kind, professional, calming and very easy to talk to on many levels. Shannon is a great choice to help facilitate communication with our inner knowing/higher self/etc so that we may gain the insights we are seeking.



October 2021

Shannon is very good, patient looks for any possible details which could be pertinent. You should expect good possibilities with Shannon’s assistance.



September 2021

Shannon was amazing. She explained the process and guided me through the session with ease. I felt very comfortable with her immediately. The experience brought peace and understanding.


Tammy M.

May 2021

I highly recommend Shannon if you are interested in QHHT. The environment is warm and relaxing, and so is she. I easily went into hypnosis and viewed several past lives, as well as receiving insight and advice from my Guides about my future.

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