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Sharon Wilson

DragonFeathers Soul Reset


~ Member Since 2015

Having been on a lifelong path of spiritual inspiration and growth, I feel blessed to offer to you the wisdom, insight and healing methods  I’ve gathered over the years, with the intention of guiding you into becoming the fullest, happiest, and most prosperous you!

Enter into my blessed and peaceful little space to converse with your Angels, meet your Spirit Guides, and commune with your Soul in a safe and supportive environment. Sessions are tailored specially for YOU! By the end of our time together, you will have a powerful new connection with the infinite Wisdom of your Higher Self 

Specialties include: 

ThetaHealing — Become a Certified ThetaHealer! Seminars and Sessions. Get to the root cause of ailments and issues in body, mind, emotion and spirit. 

Akashic Records Readings –Learn your Soul's gifts, origins and challenges to find balance, escape negative karmic patterns to find your abundance and success 

Shamanic Energy Medicine–Soul Retrievals, Power Animal Retrievals, spiritual coaching, Illuminations, etc

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and Beyond Quantum Healing—Explore Soul Stories and Past Lives and to get answers and insight directly from your Higher Self.

Emotion Code—A result of traumas and emotional upheavals, detrimental energy can become trapped in the body and energy field causing discomfort and disease. Remove these to be freed of current and ancestral emotional baggage.

Energy Transfer Reset—As a Pleiadian/Arcturian Starseed, I can easily remove and neutralize obsolete soul contracts, remove low vibrations, entity attachments, cords, implants from all timelines, and reset your soul back to its purest state.

Neuro Hypnosis–Reset your neurology with this exciting form of hypnosis as we remove general and specific negativity, unleash your potential, reduce pain, uncontrolled behavior, change your self talk, overhaul your driver states and tackle traumas from your past. 

And other exciting energy healing modalities! 

Sessions are provided in written format or American Sign Language upon request!


Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Certified Life Coach
Certified Hypnotist
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Energy Transfer Reset (FREE)
Medical Intuitive
Shamanic Healing
Pendulum Healing and Intuitive dowsing
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
Energy Transfer Reset
Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner
Certified ThetaHealer ®




December 2019

Sharon offer to help me and I was willing to try because I was feeling like I was in a very low funk I felt very tied down by my burdens my responsibilities my karmic obligations it was heavy when we began to do the session I said very quietly I was very centered I was very serious and it was an interesting liberating phenomena that I experience on that day and about 3 or 4 days later as we did the verbal and visual Parts I felt myself really getting into this meditation for clearing away things with the clouds the colors were a visual ass set her voice was guiding me I felt very integrated because I was guided and I felt very anchored in Mother Earth I began to feel a sense of appreciation first I was going through the motions like a robot would then I started feeling a wall peel away it was just peeling away and shaking off all sorts of particles that were I believe toxic and negative it helped me to shift my stance to allow myself to have this experience and to forgive forgive forgive it took me awhile to get used to the lovable colors but I did I also felt a great sense of release Liberation as I shook off a lot of toxic Energies in the beginning I felt the shift and then in the next two or three days even into the evening when I slept I felt a different vibration around me you could say was mental but I say it was more physical so this is my testimony I am appreciative and I would recommend Sharon to anyone who is seeking some healing she has a soothing style and a gentleness of about her which cis-1 in breaking down resistance and allowing enhanced healing to occur I was very grateful that she was a facilitator so I give her out of 10 Stars 10 being the highest I give her a full 11 meaning it was awesome!!!!
And I am very grateful for the spirit in which it was given generously and so kindly especially when I was really in a slump thank you Sharon thank you for helping me shake off things and come into a better sense of liberation..



December 2019

Sharon is not only a skilled therapy practitioner but is also a very warm, caring person. I expect I will see her again.

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