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Sheila Leonard/Sells

Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Sheila

BQH and QHHT Level 2 pracitioner

I help people raise their vibrational frequency, so they can live the life they were created for.  Many of us have old programs, negative thought patterns, blockages, addictions, health issues, mental health issues and trauma.  These can be stored in the body and manifest themselves into physical issues such as disease. These can easily be released during a quantum healing session so healing can begin not only on a cellular level but a soul level as well.

A quantum session can also help with finding your life's purpose, connecting with a loved one who's crossed over, past lives, unexplainable events, connecting with your guides, receiving downloads or any questions you may have.  Nothing is off limits!  This is all done through a process of hypnosis where you  connect to your higher self (subconscious),  From this state you can get counsel not only from your higher self but your guides, spirit family, ascended masters and your future self.  The possibilities are endless. Everything that comes through a session is always for your highest good.  

Each session is unique and magical in it's own way. I am always amazed by my clients progress after just one session.  I am honored to be able to be a part of your quantum journey!


Level 2 QHHT practiconer
BQH practiconer
Certified Health Coach
Reiki Master Certified
BS Recreation




May 2023

This was my first session, which actually happened around 2 months ago so I've had some time to watch how it's affected me a little more long term.

First off, Sheila was personable from the start and I felt very comfortable, like an old friend, as soon as we met in person. We spent a while talking about allll the questions and curiosities I had and she was amazingly astute and ready to work with me on getting the best questions written down in the way I truly felt them.

The session itself lasted longer than I thought, but didn't feel like that at all. The breathing technique she had me working with at the start and throughout the session definitely helped get me in a suuper duper relaxed state. I felt veerry comfortable and relaxed through the whole session, even though at the start I was a little nervous/excited and thought I'd have a hard time getting quiet enough.

I've seen how some of those big questions, even though the answers seemed a bit muddy and cryptic at the time, keep playing out and it's like the answers I got were complete but I keep experiencing it again and again and deeper and deeper as my life goes on. It was a very special experience and I feel like not much comes close to it. I've done a lot of shamanic journeying, and it felt like that but since I wasnt the one who had to think about the questions to ask, things were able to just flow and come to me clearly.

I would even like to do this again sometime with Sheila, as I feel there's always deeper and deeper you could go. <3


Marie-Pier Montigny Bacon

May 2023

I had a very beautiful, light and positive session with Sheila. I was a little concerned at the beginning since I, unfortunately, had internet connectivity issues, but Sheila’s calmness, patience, and the fact that she didn’t let it be a problem all supported me to remain in a deep state of relaxation and it had absolutely no impact on the depth of my experience. Sheila’s guidance throughout the session was soothing and compassionate. I felt supported in my journey as if a good friend was by my side. After the session, I thought I would feel tired but quite the opposite, I felt energetic and had clear thoughts. I would recommend a session with Sheila to anyone curious about themselves and who are looking to get clarity on some aspects of their life. Thank you Sheila!



April 2021

I had the pleasure of doing a session with Sheila in January 2021. I had little expectations of what to expect from my first ever BQH session, but was BLOWN away! I really value Sheila's communication skills. Sheila did a great job communicating from emailing back and forth numerous times, to walking me through the process, and helping interpret my session at the end. Sheila was super nice and had this presence of feeling safe and never judged. During my session, I had a super emotional experience but Sheila was comforting and patient as my experience played out. Sheila went over and beyond, recording my session so I can go back and listen and continue learning. I highly, highly recommended her to anyone looking to start,or further their spiritual journey. I will definitely be scheduling a session again soon as it was nothing short of AMAZING.



April 2021

I am extremely appreciative of the session I had with Sheila. In this session I was able to make contact not only with my higher self but also with loved ones that had passed. I learned truths about myself, that have given me the confidence I needed to go down the path that I was drawn to.

Sheila, is extremely professional, she made sure I understood what our goal was with the session and how we would proceed. She also went through the questions I had submitted for clarification. When the session was over she went back over with me what was said and how she felt as it was happening. After, answering any questions I had we parted ways and I soon received a copy of the recording she took during the session.

Again I could not be more thankful for this session, I 100% recommend her!


Jan M.

February 2021

Both Shelia and the session was such a gift. She is very down to Earth which made me feel comfortable right away. Her tone and manner helped me settle into relaxation easily, it usually takes me a while. I received some profound information, some physical healing took place, also received some fun information:) When it was over we discussed and reviewed it, she put some things into perspective. It truly is a wonderful spiritual healing experience. Thank you Sheila!!


Ben Beaudoin

January 2021

I’m honored to share my experience of having an amazing Beyond Quantum Healing session with Sheila. She had a very calm, yet confident presence which immediately put me at ease. She was very thorough in making sure she understood my questions and which ones were the most important to me to find answers for. Once we started, she
got me into the flow of the session quickly and I felt the healing energy right from the beginning. Sheila was always there quietly, but skillfully knew when to move the scene along. As healing work was being done, I was very impressed at how gentle, yet powerful it was at the same time. At one point a block was removed, and I felt a physical sensation that corresponded to what I was seeing in my minds eye. At the end of the session I felt so much lighter and that feeling continues. I highly recommend doing a session with Sheila! You will be very happy you were able to experience the beautiful space she creates for the inner healing to happen.

Ben - New Hampshire, USA



January 2021

Loved the dolphin energy and messages that came through!


Sarah Garcia

January 2021

Sheila thank you so much for facilitating a powerful healing and transformation!

I visited many past lives ♥️

I was captured the freedom from flying as an Eagle ???? in Arizona. I was told to remember I can tap into this anytime! I could literally smell the eucalyptus throughout my session and that was phenomenal!

I traveled to a planet far away and visited a ancient yet advanced building and the memory of that was amazing!

I visited Gaia in the 8th dimension and saw the most beautiful sights ????

I had the most amazing connection with my Higher Self and I could feel her throughout my body as sensations of heat and warmth!

What great advice she gave for me in my life right now!

I highly recommend working Sheila! She took the time to make me feel comfortable beige and even discussed our session afterwards.

Thank you!!

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