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Address: 105, East Ivy Street, Mount Shasta, California, 96067, United States.


Shivrael Shannon Brophy

Akashic Intuitive and Thai Bodywork

Certified BQH Practitioner, Life Between Lives Sessions, Akashic Reader, bodyworker, Human Design Specialist

~ Member Since 2018

I offer BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) sessions and Life Between Lives Sessions as there is such profound potential for changing your life. I love how BQH allows you to access your own inner wisdom. The sessions are sheer joy for me to experience as a facilitator. Sessions are online at our mutual convenience,  or in person at my office in Mt.Shasta, CA on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as the office is quieter on those days.

Thai Bodywork sessions help people to resolve issues they are having with their bodies and  to feel better. See .  I received the honor of being Best of Mt.Shasta in Massage Therapy for 2017 and 2018.

I offer Akashic Readings that are written, online or the phone,  or are in person. See .

I am also trained in Human Design, a Level 3 Certified Guide and you can get a redaing for yourself or your relationship with another from me.

My spiritual blog is .  Thanks for connecting!

Deep bows from my heart to yours, Shivrael



Dina L Ricker

April 2020

I have had the blessing of working with Shivrael numerous times, recieving Body Work and also Regression Therapy. Each session of Thai Massage was amazing, leaving me deeply relaxed and restored!
The Regression Therapy, though sge may call it by another name, was very deep. I immediately dropped into many past lives , clearly seeimg each scene, yet being completely aware of the current moment. The Core issue of what I was hoping to tap into was reached, bringing me to the deepest connection of my Soul. I definitely recommend spending time in any modality that Shivrael will be happy you did! --Dina L. Ricker, Owner at Atlantis Rising Massage & Hypnotherapy



May 2019

I have just recently become aware of Dolores Cannon's work and delving into this brought me to know about BQH. I was nervous before the session because I didn't know if I could relax enough to be hypnotized; however, Shivrael was a perfect guide.
Before our session she sent me a lot of information to prepare for our session together and when we did meet online with ZOOM, she gave me all the time I needed to ask questions and explain everything before we formally started our journey together.
She has a wonderful calming and joyful presence that made me feel very safe, nurtured and relaxed. She was very attuned to how to guide me including a past life that helps me to understand the way much of my life unfolded before I knew how much power we have to create our lives if we can believe in ourselves.
Shivrael was able to help me gain clarity from my Higher Self on many questions I had and how to best focus my energy here on earth while I work out my karma and focus on my dharma. The recording she sent me after the session has been a great learning tool to help me integrate everything.
After the session, I now have the confidence that I am able to directly connect with my Higher Self and to realize that messages come in all forms. I know I need to keep expanding and opening and learning from everything in the Universe to help support my journey here and to let go of all Fear and to focus only on LOVE.
The session was an incredible blessing and I highly recommend Shivrael.


Mt. Shasta local

April 2019

I had a BQH session which also ranged into Life Between Lives material as well. I appreciated how fluid Shivrael was in this...She was great at setting safe space, and laying the groundwork for our session. In the session, I quickly received a MAJOR healing on an issue I had been attempting to get to the bottom of for a long time. I have alot more energy in my life as a result of freedom from the triggers from this issue pulling me down. Also, the writing down of lingering questions with her asking my Higher Self was an effective way to get definitive answers. I highly recommend her!

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