Snezana Nena Bujosevic

To hear, one must be silent!

Office Phone: +357 99 524007
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Phone, Email, Facebook page, Viber, Whatsup
Available Hours: Available for sessions in Cyprus (all cities) and Paris in English language, and in Serbia in Serbian language. Also online sessions upon request. Please book your sessions in advance due to my busy schedule.
Payment Options: REVOLUT card transfer, Bank transfers, PayPal
Languages: English, Serbian

Time Zone: (GMT+02:00) Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul

Address: , , Nicosia, Nicosia, 1071, Cyprus.


Snezana Nena Bujosevic

INSIGHT -Hypnotherapy Quantum Healing

Certified Hypnotherapist, REIKI I and II

~ Member Since 2020

Insight is a Hypnotherapy center which offers hypnotherapy session live and on line by using Introspective hypnosis and Beyond Quantum Healing as a main methods. My goal for the clients is to heal, to remember who they are, to find life purpose and achieve a spiritual awakening.

Introspective hypnosis is a method based on Aurelio Mejias techniques, that has proven to treat different conditions in just one session and I am certified practitioner of this method, as well as past lives regression, Progression and classically trained hypnotherapist. Introspective hypnosis combines different techniques such as Ericksonian hypnosis, Forgiveness therapy, Role change, Past life, Regression spirit and assistance also called spirit releasement.

BQH-Beyond Quantum Healing Technique BQH is a style of hypnotherapy and healing modality developed by Candace Craw-Goldman,  student and close friend of the late Dolores Cannon.

BQH originated from the QHHT method, created and refined by the late Dolores Cannon, during 50 years of experience. Candace Craw-Goldman, "updated' Dolores method to better adjust it to the modern days, so it is commonly described as being a natural evolution of the QHHT method.

By incorporating and combining other modalities with this method, I work with the Higher Self, Soul Team ( Spirits, Guides), Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, and/or Higher Dimensional Beings to release old thought patterns and blockages bringing all aspects of the Self into alignment  to restore and cultivate healing and inner peace within yourself, your lineage and connection to the Universal Consciousness  and source.   

I believe that with my sessions you will be healed, that your own fear of death will be diminished, and that the messages offered to you about the true meaning of life will free you to go and live your life to the fullest, seeking harmony and inner peace and reaching out in love to your fellow humans.

Love and light to you all!


Certificate of Completion, Beyond Quantum Healing, Candace Craw- Goldman Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy ( Hypnosis training) Certificate of Completion, Introspective Hypnosis, trained by Antonio Sangio Diploma of professional study - Advanced Past Lives Regression, The KEW TRAINING ACADEMY, accredited by CTAA Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Diploma, The KEW TRAINING ACADEMY, Accredited by CTAA Certificate of Completion, Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology Certificate for Hypnosis, Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre Certificate for the future Life Progression, The KEW TRAINING ACADEMY< Accredited by CTAA



Catalina A.

It wasn't my first time trying but I still had hope after being disappointed with my previous sessions( with different practitioners). This time I actually understood how everything works and made me want to try again. Snezana's energy and the way she guided me made everything easier to go through and understand. I was amazed by how fast time went by, it didn't feel like hours, felt like minutes. And after the meditation we did I saw instant changes in my life, amazing❤️



This was my very first hypnotherapy experience and Nena knew exactly how much to 'push' me. It was a worthwhile experience where I definitely learned a few things about myself! She spent a great deal of time giving me background information and preparing me for the session which helped me a lot. Her knowledge is excellent which also made me feel relaxed and secure - I would definitely recommend Nena if this is something you are interested in.


Jasmine J

I had a great BQH session with Nana. She made me feel very relaxed and calm and I was amazed how informative and healing the session was and how I felt after. Thankyou so much!


Farrah M

Session with Nena was a wonderful experience. She calming took me into hypnosis and I received everything I had intended to receive in my session from my spiritual family . Nena is a beautiful soul and I recommend her sessions.

Def recommend.


Shirley, Texas

Snezana je veoma posvecena i veoma profesionalna. Sjajno je bilo imati ovakvu vrstu sesije sa njom, moze se reci da je to bilo jedno putovanje na kome se dosta toga moglo videti i nauciti o sebi. Jedno veliko Hvala na pomoci u procesu osvescivanja sebe...



I had a deep experience with Snezana where we released a lot of blockages. Some information that came thru were also very important to me and I´d never experienced that if I hadn´t had that session. It was just amazing.
After the seeion I felt calm and relaxed and the day after our session I feel rejuvenated and full of energy. I also feel much lighter on a mental level.
I´m very happy with the outcome of that session.

Thank you very much for the journey!


Dushan A.

Snezana is very skillful, calm, professional and highly knowledgeable about various spiritual topics, therefore I would recommend her as your hypnotherapist. It was super relaxing and nice session, however, due to my hyperactive mind, I could not connect with my higher self in the first session, so she did me another one free of charge. It helped me to clear out my emotional blockages and pave my career path, and I deeply thank her for that. God bless Snezana.


Marion L.

I had a great session with Snezana ! It was the first time I experienced this way of doing hypnose and it was a great and helpful experience. Thank you!


Ana R.

Nena is highly dedicated to her clients and gives maximum to connect and help. We did session with surrogate who helped connect to my guides, angels and entities attached. Nena was communicating with them for 3 hours very skilfully in order to free me of all these negative entities and energies in order to help me heal and get well. She is a warm, positive, professional person.


Sarah Garcia

I had the most profound healing session with Nena! From being on Sirius to swimming fast as a dolphin to being a Martian, it was deep! Archangel Uriel assisted with a full body healing and my body is still buzzing. I felt such an immense healing and I’m sure I will still be receiving the upgrades for months to come. Wow, I am still blown away as I write this. I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with Nena, her work is priceless!



I had an amazing session with Nena! She has multiple techniques to pull from, vast expirence, and a soothing hypnotic voice. I love that we focused on my intension for the session and was given a clear answer with more information than I had ever imagined. I would highly recommend Nena for your hypnosis journey!



I loved my session with Nena !
Her voice is very smooth and warm.
She guided me with love and compassion,
And i discovered So many things !
I recomend everyone to do it !
Thank you Nena for this unforgettable experience!



My experience with Snezana was amazing didnt expect to have such an experience. I felt very light and full of positive energy.



Snezana is an exceptional hypnotherapist, very professional. She guided and explained what the session was all about. I felt very relax and focused after the session. I would definitely try again!



My experience with Snezana was amazing. It was such a relaxing session and it helped me get centered, relax, and receive a different and peaceful perspective on difterent issues. I would very much recomend her!



Through her skillful training, and true passion to help others, Nena guides you through hypnosis to explore experiences that aid your growth and development. This Quatum Healing Hypnosis leaves you with insights and the tools to move forward to a more positive and energised state.



Nena offered a safe space for discussion, her calming demeanour and voice allowed me to relax and dwell deep into my subconscious. High recommended experience!

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