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Solstice Elliott

Solstice Elliott

DIY Healing Guide

~ Member Since 2021

Over the last 30 years, when I started on this infinite journey of

self exploration, discovery and

Self Love.

I had discovered many self-help tools to heal the trauma

from childhood abuse,


anxiety and

numbness I was experiencing in my early adulthood.

I tried being MINDful to get myself out of the negative programming…

meditate, garden, just do something mindfully so I can be in the here and now…

cause that’s all we can do at this point…

the past is the past. Right? 


I found that wasn't enough it just shoved these painful memories and negative thoughts and emotions from my Wounded Inner Child under the rug deep down in my SUBCONSCIOUS where they can hide out and rear their ugly head in other ways.

I wasn't going to FEEL DEEPLY LOVED from myself or even from others or have my feelings validated until I had done my inner child work.

I had to remove all of those obstacles I'd put into place blocking my joyfulness and inner peace.

Even as self-aware as I was with all that self-help and therapy under my belt, I couldn't see what was blocking me.

I was going to others:



Reiki Practitioners,

Meditation teachers,

Boyfriends, Girlfriends for help turning my power over to them thinking they knew better than me and had the answers to what I was dealing with.

No matter where I looked, I couldn't find a GUIDE who could help me, I didn't realize I had the power and answers within me all along.

And so do you.

It wasn't until January 2021, at the age of 46, that I discovered Quantum Healing and had my first session.

It was more powerful than Shamanic Journey Work, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Reiki, all rolled into one

because Now I had a GUIDE to help me find my answers and to tap into my inner child.

I didn't have to do it alone.

It was actually fun relaxing and I walked away from my first Quantum Healing Session

feeling refreshed, relieved, and ready to take on my life again.

Things felt new and exciting again.

My addiction to sugar didn’t have as strong of a hold on me because I was tuned into a deeper more fulfilling aspect of myself

and I lost 10 pounds in 2 months!

simply by being able to stop eating so much sugar.

I came out of those sessions feeling fearless ready to take on or do anything I dreamed of…

After doing decades of healing work on myself,

it was then that I Knew I had the wisdom and experience to help others

I became certified in Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH),

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT),

and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I invite you to let me help you drop into your HEART Wisdom

and be your Self Healing Guide.

Because I believe you have the power to heal your

Physical Body,

Emotional Body, release limiting and negative beliefs,

and re-integrate your Fragmented Soul. I have the experience to help you tap back into that power.

I am genuinely humbled and honored to be in service to you.

I lead through my example not through giving advice, as a sister as an equal. I’m just me. I always dance with the light,

and seek ways to make anyone who comes into my field to feel deeply comfortable, and feel deeply safe with no judgment.

Much Love <3 from Solstice your DIY Healing Guide

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Fernando Marino

January 2024

I feel like I attracted Solstice into my experience (I found her completely at random while googling QHHT practitioners) and booked an introductory call right away. It's unbelievable how much we connected and shared things in common. I had expectations for the session (like all first timers) and, even though my expectations were a bit off, I ended up getting much more form the session than I expected. Quantum healing is an incredible thing! I am still feeling the effects of the session I had and it's deepened my spiritual practices and my day-to-day experiences in the 3D world. I am feeling more peaceful and more calm than I had been; more joyful and hopeful than ever before and I also feel like my eyesight has begun to improve, it's wonderful! Solstice spent a long time with me going over my issues and questions, and when we got to the hypnosis section, she guided me very professionally with the most soothing voice. Quantum healing is a blessing and I thank Solstice a whole great deal for being a part of such a beneficial process in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Crystal Allen

December 2023

I have found my QHHT session with Solstice helpful in many ways. One of the main things I was wanting to look into was a recurring dream that I have been having for sometime which wasn't making a lot of sense considering the trajectory of my life. This seemed like something really important with my purpose in life. I really got the insight that I needed to understand that dream better. And I also got to communicate with my Higher Self. My High Self me gave some insight on essentially where I am going and where I am heading in life. I have a few different options coming to me soon. I was shown a future life if I so choose to take that path. I was offered information on the path of least resistance. I can say what I really appreciated in doing the session with Solstice was that she just let me go wherever I wanted to go to explore more about me and what's coming. Even in situations where I wasn't even really sure what was happening she was able to guide me in a way to where it started to make sense. I was also able to be led to have an experience that I totally was not expecting and I wasn't really sure what to make of it at first. Solstice was great at guiding me and helping me realize what was happening. Essentially, I had just this beautiful moment with Unity Consciousness and feeling just the wonderful Love of the Universe! Yeah, It was a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommending getting a session if you have any type of question in life or even none at all.



September 2023

Prior to meeting with Solstice I was at a bit of a crossroads. Up until this experience I had done a lot of work on myself, by myself, and while I had certainly made tremendous progress, I felt like I was missing some important information. I had questions about my childhood that nobody in my family could or would help me answer. I was looking for a confirmation of sorts about what I thought was happening in my life and why.

The solution I saw in working with Solstice was getting the clarity I was seeking, and perhaps maybe more. I chose this modality specifically because I'd be answering my questions via my higher self. This really resonated with me for many reasons. Primarily because at the end of the day I know change has to come from within, and when I'm the one giving the advice, insights, or guidance it's much harder to discount or dismiss.

I did my best to release any expectations but I still had hoped it would be productive. By that I mean that what my conscious mind is focused on is actually the healing I need at the moment ie I'm not just worrying about meaningless stuff, but important personal issues. The session was powerful and what came out of it was exactly what I wanted and more. I received some insight into pivotal childhood experiences and other information that is very helpful for me to move forward in my life in the best possible way. It took a day or two to adjust to what I experienced because a lot of stuck emotions were released. There were some experiences my conscious mind had blocked that I was completely unaware of. I was able to see how loved I am by my source, and also discover some pretty important life patterns and themes. Something else that happened was I received more clarity on how to move forward in my life, and a spiritual reassurance I am right where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing. I had an idea about what I'm here to do, and now can move forward more confidently knowing with more certainty what that is and what it looks like. In sum, this session was like hitting the refresh button, getting a new spectacle prescription, or looking at the questions I had surrounding my life under the microscope. I definitely feel more prepared than I've ever been to live my best life.

Overall Solstice was very present and did an excellent job of being prepared for our session by having an understanding as to why my questions were important to me. She's a great listener, and that was very evident in the discovery phase. She's clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about her work. I look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you so much, Solstice. ????


Annette C

April 2023

I am always on the lookout for powerful ways to deepen my understanding of myself and the world around me.  I recently met Solstice at an event in Sedona and instantly liked her. When she told me what she did for a living I was so intrigued and knew instantly that I would be asking her for a session!  

She was so easy to communicate with and even though I wasn’t sure what to request I felt so comfortable just asking for an open channel and more knowing to be gifted to me.  She asked really good questions and was an amazing guide through this experience.  

I feel so blessed and calm and I’m noticing I have an even more positive mental state. Things in my life are becoming so much easier and less forced.   

I highly recommend Solstice to be your guide!!  



December 2022

My QHHT session with Solstice was 100% profound. Discovering how I had never felt wanted by my father as a child crept into all my relationships. And why I was attracting men who didn't want me. It was such a help to me to see that as an adult and realize that Now my dad loves me so much. So now I feel free. I don't feel like I need to beg and plead for love because it's all around me and I feel safe.

I understand that adults are not perfect and they come into parenthood without training!! But my subconscious needed to hear and see that..the stored misunderstanding needed to be corrected.. and Solstice helped me with that.

I also brought in a lot of my little fragmented soul parts that had left because I allowed myself to be abused and mistreated in different relationships and I didn't feel safe. Solstice helped me bring those pieces back in and I have felt whole and safe and easier ever since that session 5 months ago.

I'm now in a new relationship and it's like a total dream. It's something I've never had before. I feel so protected. There's no trigger at all with him. I just appreciate him and he appreciates me. We take the best care of each other. It's really fun and we have the best talks! I feel free to be my true corny silly self without concern of him losing interest or respect.. I’m just enjoying the moments..thanks Solstice!!!


Justin L.

December 2022

I booked my QHHT session with Solstice because I was entering a new phase in my life, after the ending of a long-term relationship, and was hoping to get some insights on my path forward. I guessed that, if it worked, I'd feel I had achieved a sense of clarity on myself, my life, and my path. My session with Solstice delivered on my expectations and so much more. I was able to connect to past life experiences that directly related to my current situation, many of which with strong karmic ties. Solstice was a wonderful facilitator, and seemed to know exactly how much space to give me to allow me to guide my own session, while stepping in at just the right times to ask another question or two to keep thes session moving.

Connecting with my higher self and receiving healing from them was also profound for me. I left my session feeling centered, clear, peaceful, and with a new sense of direction. As more time has passed, more and more insights from the session come to me. I'm very grateful for the experience and HIGHLY recommend Solstice to others for their own QHHT sessions!



October 2022

Solstice helped me connect with my Higher-self which reminded me to 'remember the why'. I need to not lose focus on why I chose the healing modality I trained in and keep moving forward. Thank you for being intune for what I needed in this session.



October 2022

Solstice is a very skilled practitioner and made me feel very safe during my regression. I regressed back to a challenging life when I was crucified. Since the regression with her I have experienced a big internal change and inner blockages regarding my professional life have been lifted. I highly recommend Solstice as a QHHT facilitator.


Niki D.

September 2022

When I had my session with Solstice, I was struggling with a lot of self doubt, specifically around my soul’s purpose and my spiritual business. I was shown different past lives that helped to unlock certain energies for me to move forward in clarity and confidence around my abilities.

I was shown a past life where I was a Tibetan Monk, which helped me to see that I’ve lived a life with no struggle, as I lived in complete harmony and inner peace. I was then shown a life where I was a powerful leader in helping my space tribe on Sirius as a Galactic Traveler, testing other planets for their habitability, which exemplified that I’ve had/have powerful leadership roles in past and in parallel lives.

My Higher Self was very clear in teaching me how to reframe old patterns, limiting beliefs and self doubt in ways that were tangible and I could implement immediately. And I’ve been changing my stories about my identity and how I perceive myself ever since!

One of the COOLEST parts about this session, was my parallel self on Sirius told me her name was Soraya, and later when I looked up the meaning of it, I found “Princess, brilliant gem, constellation of the Pleiades, wealth, prosperity.” THAT was special and anchored in this entire magical experience even more.



August 2022

Solstice shares her gifts with keen interest, compassion and a determination to help. She brings her knowledge from many fields of healing modalities to customize her approach with the client and their needs.



July 2022

I came to Solstice with deep grief that has lasted five years, and she listened to all of the things I was struggling with so we could find answers and healing under hypnosis. She guided me with a soothing voice and listened while I discovered exactly what I needed to see, hear, and feel for my soul's journey. I released so much grief and found the healing I have been hoping for.


‚ô° Jessica

April 2022

I wanted to do a QHHT session with Solstice because I have been having some strange mystical experiences for the past couple of years. I wanted to get some clarity and some answers to what was going on around me and with me. The QHHT session really helped me get clarity for what I was going through at the time. I met Solstice in the Summer of 2021 at ECETI and we hit it right off. At the time I was searching for either online healers or anybody who did spiritual work. When I found Solstice, I was like that's what I needed to do. I felt really comfortable with Solstice. There was just something about her energy that made it very comfortable for me to work with her. So we got together and it was Amazing! There was just an instant connection. You should really try it out. I think the Universe brought Solstice to me as an answer to what I was searching for.



April 2022

I have had this health issue that has been bothering me. It has been a matter of some concern for the past year.
I had a session with Solstice over 2 months ago and was happy to feel safe and supported enough to get to the root of the cause. It was really revealing in the session to realize that it took me back to my early childhood. Stuff that I hadn't remembered had happened came up; and just through the one session cleared out the energy of it.
My session with Solstice cleared out the root energy that was behind the issue. I feel a lot lighter, healthier and happier!
I am so grateful for Solstice and her wonderful healing service.

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