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Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: Email. I'm working on telepathy.
Languages: English, Cantonese

Address: 17, Leoforos Ikarou, Heraklion, , 713 07, Greece.


Stephanie Shek

The Loving Energy

Energy Cleaner

~ Member Since 2015

This chapter of my life right now is about enjoying what Earth has to offer and what I enjoy most is to assist people to find joy.

Hello! Thank you for making it till here!

As you can see from my profile picture, there's no halo, no white robes and certainly no white beard. I'm a regular human who barely knew what chakras were when I first embarked on this healing journey. My curiosity and fascination about the metaphysical world keep me interested in my studies.

Recently I have become Master Teacher for Sekhem. However, I still don't consider myself an expert or a healer, I'm a helper РI came across the methods that I use today when I needed help and now I'm using them to help others.

My journey began when I saw the changes in me and my life after I had this type of therapy. It was the first time I felt aware of the connections that exist within ourselves and nature. And the turning point for me was when I found myself hugging a tree.

Here's how that happened.

I was in Melbourne with my husband, without any friends or family, so I spent a lot of time wandering about on my own. After leaving a busy job, this gave me the opportunity to see things for the first time. In my case, the trees. There's a beautiful park that I used to walk through with my husband and I took the time to really look around. Amongst all the gorgeous trees there was one that looked terrible due to its scrawny thin branches. When I asked my husband why it looked this way, he said it was sick. All the other trees were so big and green. And that's when I went up to it and hugged it. Because I felt immense love for it. And I also thought to myself, ‘Oh no! I've become one of those weird people who hug tree!' In that moment, we had a connection Рit wasn't a thoughtful thing to do, it was instinctive Рthe tree reached out for help and we were able to give each other some comfort. I also started talking to stones during that period of my life, but that's another story.

In my blog, there are posts about some of these wellness methods as well as simple techniques that everyone can use to help themselves with. Random thoughts are just that – my take on various concepts. They are not the ultimate truth but one truth that help me to be on my path with ease, and hopefully could assist you to open your mind up to your own truth too. I also attempt at writing recipes (the easiest kinds) because why not—we have to eat!

Learning to be Greek posts document my journey in Greece. If you are interested in Greece and the Greek culture, do check out my Learning to be Greek facebook page and my instagram @PhotoManandHongKongWoman. There is also a facebook page for The Loving Energy and I would love to see you there! There's a youtube channel too – not much there at the moment but it will grow as I learn how to make videos properly.

I'm a firm believer that we can excel in whatever we are interested in by giving some time and focus. Let's be interested in our well beings and become the Super Version of ourselves starting now!

With love and best wishes,


Sekhem Master Practitioner & Teacher
The Divine Reveal Practitioner
BQH Practitioner
QHHT Level 2
Touch for Health Kinesiology Proficiency
Brain Gym



Milly S

Going through the TDR process guided by Stephanie has been such a transformation for me, and I love every part of this experience! Stephanie is so supportive, sincere, flexible, in tune, and she has been so patient and accommodating with my longer-than-usual time frame. Ever since Stephanie introduced me to the preparation exercises, I find myself in a wonderful and powerful transformation that continues to unfold, even weeks after the TDR session, as I am writing right now. My session experience has helped me to feel confident and whole, to trust myself and life, and to know and remember with certainty who I am. All the health conditions I put down on the form improved, some to the point of complete health, including scoliosis, eyesight, worries and frustration, my tendency to neglect myself and others, etc.
This process has changed my life in a profound way, as shift has been so fundamental. I am able to feel complete, be in the flow, and have a new sense of joy and wonder in life in my everyday consciousness. It’s so amazing that it not only affect me but also those around me. As I allow myself to be more in the flow, life also flows better for my family and everyone is in a better mood!


Tricia D

The Divine Reveal quantum experience is a journey full of emotions of laughter and tears and peeling back the layers to the core of who YOU really are, and connecting with the sheer bliss of love and joy within YOU.
Stephanie was a delight in guiding me through our many connections via Zoom to achieving MY divineness within .
Apart from gaining a whole new outlook and perspective within Me and everyday life, I feel that I gained a friendship with Stephanie through her empathy and ability in showing me the way to reaching a maximum result in my TDR session , in such a compassionate and knowledgeable way ..
Thankyou from my heart to yours Stephanie . Forever grateful


Vicki U

Stephanie facilitated a TDR session for me. Her generous, kind and
loving energy was felt from the moment I sent her an email to get more information. The TDR session was wonderful as I was able to reconnect more to myself and with her gentle guidance it felt like I remembered so much more of who I am. After the session and even before the follow up sessions started, more information kept flowing intuitively in about various aspects of my life and possible ways to proceed. The follow up sessions were also very helpful and served as reminders to help get me back into that state of connectedness and remembrance.

After I made the commitment to work with Stephanie, I could tell that I was already making changes on a deep level as various emotions and
circumstances were surfacing for me to deal with. Once I had the
session though, I really noticed a change that first week. The biggest
change that first week was that throughout each day, my happiness
levels would skyrocket for no apparent reason, I would simply feel
happiness emanating from me, like I was the source of it.

Thank you Stephanie!


Diana Weilguny

Stephanie is kind and cheerful which makes working with her a real joy, working with her has been an uplifting experience.

One of the remarkable qualities that sets Stephanie apart is her great patience and exceptional listening skills. She always made me feel heard and valued, creating a safe space for me to express myself without judgment. She never rushed me and always listened carefully to what I had to say. Her ability to discern just what I needed to hear and when to say it was amazing. Her insights and encouragement were always very helpful.

Stephanie possesses a deep understanding of the NDE and TDR topics
She skillfully guided me through TDR process with kindness and love. The experience was amazing and transformative.

Before working with her, I often found myself anxious and overwhelmed, constantly tending to the needs of others, even when I was sick. However, thanks to Stephanie's guidance and support, I have undergone a significant transformation.

Today, I can confidently prioritize self-care, taking the time I need to rest without guilt. I've also learned to say 'no' when it's necessary. Stephanie's guidance has also empowered me to be more assertive in all aspects of my life. She had a profound impact on my personal evolution. I am immensely grateful for the positive influence she has had on my journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie to anyone seeking positive change and growth in their lives.



For several years I have been on a journey of healing and carrying with me the question "who am I?" During this journey I have been challenged through many things, including depression, deep issues in my intimate relationship and very low energy and self motivation. I have been trying very hard... but felt like failing, again and again in my attempts to get better or make big changes. I think along the way I underestimated what this failing prepared me for and how it worked to my benefit as we so easily think of progress being connected with success.
I found Stephanie immeasurably patient, generous and loving. She has given me really good prompts and brought lightness in times of feeling very heavy. Due to my turbulences and low energy I often found it hard to engage in the homework that was set in the TDR process but Stephanie was always encouraging, giving me the feeling I am doing well. She guided me through the TDR session with confidence and skill and I didn’t realize how much time went by while I was in quite a deep trance state. It felt like a very deep and beautiful guided meditation. First, I had doubts after the session about it having initiating the shift I was looking for, but I learned something very important, how I am holding on and how I am trying too hard. I felt like letting go of every method and practice I had been engaged in for a while, and after the TDR session I put this step into action. It felt important for me as a means to stand alone on my feet, trusting fully in my power and ability. The TDR session is now a week past and I experience a new freshness and a great amount of energy and an inner peace and freedom that I put to a great extend to the deeper learning and experience in the TDR session and my new found ability of letting go of the old, a greater opening and trust to my deeper self and to a greater embodiment of my spirituality in everyday life.


Harry Kroner

Stephanie is wonderful, and I had a blast getting to know her and experiencing "The Divine Reveal" process. She is very intuitive and truly can help you shift into a higher version of yourself. the TDR process is comprehensive and covers all aspects of preparation of mind, body, heart, and soul. And you will experience the oneness and infinite love that is promised. Totally worth the time and money invested. I would highly recommend working with Stephanie in any capacity, you won't regret it.


Brian H

Stephanie has helped me considerably. She has the necssary expertise to guide the totally uninitiated through through this maze of information. Although I'm very committed my progress has been slow, but Stephane has been there with me all of the way. She never gives up.



I came to Stephanie with a lot of anxiety, a major worry being my son’s life-threatening food allergies. I was also hoping to release the physical symptoms triggered by this anxiety, and the many beliefs blocking me from fully enjoying life. I was curious about the TDR process and I honestly thought I was asking for too much :) But I can happily say that fears no longer rule my life! My anxiety reduced dramatically, whether in intensity, frequency or length of time the emotions stay with me. I feel much calmer, which is a very new feeling to me! Some issues I had totally disappeared, like the fact that I was clenching my jaws at night. Some ceased to be issues when I realized that what I considered an issue was actually a belief I had that something was not quite right with me. My TDR session in itself was wonderful, and filled me with feelings of joy, unconditional love and trust that I can feel rippling in my life weeks after. I still listen to the short clips from the session to keep the magic going! I thought at first that the preparatory and follow-up sessions would be “accompanying” sessions only, but the different exercises and meditations actually turned out to be of tremendous help to me, and Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be me” was a real eye-opener that I keep referring to. Last but certainly not least, I felt very comfortable with Stephanie, totally supported and beautifully guided. I was so looking forward to our sessions. I’m very grateful for such an in-depth technique, thank you!


Joanna Pap

I chose this modality with an open mind and I was not sure what to expect. From the beginning Stephanie made it easy for me to identify my symptoms and to set an intention for this session. The moment we started the pre chat she helped me a lot with feelings that were not acknowledged and troubles in my every day life that I did not consider important or worth healing. Things started to work inside me during the pre chat and she was generous in sharing meditations and techniques to ease tension and to address and heal feelings.
She helped me all the way to quit smoking, although this was not our main concern nor the reason of the session. She also set in motion the healing process and gave me a great boost for my eyesight troubles (hypermetropia and strabism), still a work in progress, the beginning was made with her and now I feel so motivated to continue the work.
My journey with her was a revelation in many levels. I was shown images that had been on my mind for my whole life, things became more clear and I learned so much. I feel more decisive, inspired and motivated after this journey.
Her mellow voice and her true loving energy created a safe space for me to unravel my issues and to heal.


Evan Brown

Stephanie has a great ability to tune into your energy which allows her to help you uproot the deep seeded emotions causing any pain you may be experiencing. Throughout the session she guided me through releasing those emotions and with clarity and grace, allowed me to free myself from them and the pain I was experiencing.


William Brown, MSPM

As a practitioner that works in the quantum field, I don’t normally seek out assistance from other practitioners. But when the opportunity to receive a session from Stephanie was presented I was seeking clarity on some deeply rooted emotions that were lingering in my field causing some chronic pain. So, Stephanie’s approach is gentle yet powerful. Her ability to drill down in the root of the emotion and bring clarity to it has helped a great deal with the chronic pain I was experiencing. I would highly recommend a session from Stephanie if you would like to work through the emotions that are connected to your pain or discomfort.


Julie T

Stephanie is very connected with the Spirit Realm and did a substantial amiunt of healing on my hips an lower back. I was in a great deal of pain, almost to where I could nolonger walk sometimes. We released alot of trauma and grief I was holding in my hips and lower back, and there's still more to do. We ended up stirring up memories I didnt know I had...and we released the spirit of my great grandmother to move on into the light. It was really beautiful. Thank you, Stephanie <3


Dr. AB

It is easy to underestimate the power of presence, the power of someone holding space for the transformation of another. My soul immediately felt comfortable being vulnerable with Stephanie, something I don’t like to be. Through her calm and compassionate demeanor, deep listening, and skillful inquiry I was able to gain insight and revelation that hold the potential for healing. Stephanie is a caring, competent practitioner, who I recommend without reservation.



Stephanie gave me an incredible opportunity to discover further about life beyond the basic 5 senses.Having had, for the first time, a BQH session with her was eyes opening!

Not feeling quite confident at the beginning about what I experienced, I could progressively integrate all benefits of a BQH experience.

A few days after the post BQH session, I had a real first experience of what it is to communicate with a higher self - which made my curiosity expand lot!
Stephanie's experience speaks through her and she knows how to comfort and guide through the unknown.

I definitely recommend having sessions with Stephanie!




Stephanie gave me an excellent session that took me to the next level of confidence and embodying my own power. The energetics of past lives were cleared and information received plus she is very encouraging and positive.


Karuna Chinchkhede

Stephanie offered me Sekhem healing session when she intuitively realized that I needed it.
It was a remote session. I was travelling when she tuned into my energy and my higher self. All information that she shared with me and the work that she done on me was so valuable in my spiritual and healing journey. She has such softness about her that you feel her even she is remote. So much love to you Stephanie. I wish to see you more and even in person.



Stephanie's ability to tune into your energy makes her the best option for you to discover things about yourself that are preventing you to become the best version of yourself.

I had the honor of being Stephanie's client several times, for BQH and sekhem energy work. Is is an understatement when I say that sessions really blew my mind.

In sekhem I was able to feel energy moving through my body for the entire duration. I really don't know what she did, but my shoulder pain is now gone!

And BQH session was amazing! Stephanie's unique intuitive ability will dig up anything that is blocking us. Her kind and gentle voice will lead you out of the maze created by your conscious mind, and will help you become best version of yourself.

It was pleasure working with you Stephanie. I am so grateful that I had opportunity to meet you.




Stephanie sent me a Sekhem healing in exchange for a BQH spirit reading.

The energy between us blew us both off our feet! It seems that during the reading, as I received guidance for her, we believe, I also received an initiation into her modality!

It took me a few days to integrate the energy. Stephanie tunes in very deeply to her clients and it is very easy to feel her very open and loving energy through her words.

After her instructions I prepared to sleep and receive deep healing,
I did feel very well rested and refreshed the next morning and found an email from Stephanie with a list from my HS.

These messages were spot on and also helped me to shift my perspective on some major aspects of my life.

I highly recommend a session with Stephanie.
She truly vibrates a Loving Energy!

Namaste! Kim



I approached this journey as somewhat of a skeptic, although very much with an open mind. As time and the sessions passed I, and also friends of mine, began to notice a change in me. It think these changes can be summed up, both from my and from their perspective, as my being much, much more grounded. This was at first a surprise to me as the change was very gradual, brought on I think by the sessions, by increased meditation - with more frequent and longer periods of meditation, and also by the knowledge, gleaned from reading numerous NDE accounts, that death is not to be feared. A further surprise was, after Stephine asked if she might consult my higher self (an entity I was barely aware of at the time). To her question, what should Brian do my HS answered, rather tersely I thought, 'lose weight.' I don't recall that that topic was at the forefront of my mind at the time, and I was surprised at the promptness of the answer, which of course I spoke. I thought nothing of this at the time, but over the following weeks I noticed a subtle but steady change in my attitude toward food. Yes, I continued to enjoy cooking, and eating, and still do. But I was reaching a point half-way through the meal where I wanted no more. The end result is that I have lost about 12kg in 6 months, and this gradual downward trend still continues. Can't be bad. Apart from that Stephanie is the warmest brightest person I have ever met.

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