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Address: 3766, El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, California, 92105, United States.


Suzan Smadi

Sacred Connections


Hello! My name is Suzan Smadi. 

I am the founder of Sacred Connections, which was inspired by Archangel Metatron and other Inter-Dimensionals. Although I tried a different way of life for a while, Spirit led me back to my true calling. I lived the corporate 9-5 lifestyle for a few years and then completed college getting a BA in psychology. After receiving my masters degree in School Counseling, I was guided to follow my Soul’s true calling by embracing my spiritual gifts to start this Service-to-Others venture. It became quite clear that what Spirit had in mind for me was a lot more expansive than what I had in mind. Our Higher Self/Source always knows best! 

I realized that I could not hold back any longer the esoteric wisdom and inspiration that ran through my veins all throughout my existence. Since childhood, I was able to read energy as an empath and had been called psychic when I foretold people’s future. I learned to master energy (in the present moment) in order to manifest things and situations (changing future outcomes). It became apparent to me when I had a near death experience at the age of 5 that my life was meant to help in the healing of others by providing them with the needed insights and tools to restore them to their true divine nature. 

As I embraced my true divine nature, I began to notice the impact that I was having on the people I would encounter by listening and holding space for them. By providing them with the very valuable insights that empowered them with that awareness, I realized that I was helping them restore in an authentic way. That became healing for me as well since I held some limiting core beliefs myself (shame being a big one). 

I am a clear conduit channel for Spirit to bring healing through my work now as an Elemental Shamanic Healer and Alchemist. I use my spiritual gifts of telempathy, retrocognition and precognition when I look into the Akashic and Concordant records. The way my spiritual gifts operate is very intricate as the telepathy and empathy are interlinked. My knowingness comes in via multiple means, which provides me with a clear understanding of where a situation is in the present moment. That then allows me to activate and catalyze real breakthroughs. 

Every session is unique and designed specifically with the clients in mind. I use a holistic compilation of my metaphysical knowledge and various therapeutic modalities to best assist in developing the right action plan for their continued growth.  My main goal is to help individuals achieve their highest potential so that they can live a joyous life! 

My aim is to teach others how to connect to their own spiritual gifts and use them to better their life, and how to reconnect with their Higher Self by mastering their life NOW. 




MSEd, School Counseling
BA, Psychology
Reiki Master Teacher



Bill Terry

March 2019

Suzan has been my spiritual guide since 2018, "meeting" (via video-conference) weekly. When I first contacted her, I had few preconceived ideas of what to expect, but felt that she had something unique and possibly very important to offer. And as a lawyer in practice for over 25 years, I was used to reading and digesting all sorts of topics, but the learning I have gained through Suzan's guidance is something altogether different, to say the least. She is a gifted teacher: kind, intelligent, intuitive and insightful, and her mentorship has helped me in so many ways, personally and professionally. If you have seen her videos and are at all curious about the subjects they address, I highly recommend following up with Suzan. The results, for me, have been nothing but positive and I know they will be far-reaching.



November 2018

Marconics no touch energy healing was preformed on me by Suzan Smadi. Prior to this event I was trying the find me, to get in touch with myself and truly feel it. Suzan made me feel comfortable she allowed me to feel that tranquility and peace throughout this whole experience. The aftermath of it all suzan’s performance changed my life. Suzan made me aware of the outcomes , that change would be occurring. Within the same day after the Marconics no touch healing was preformed miracles occurred things that needed to happen for me began to happen . I immediately began to feel the inner peace the connection I made with my higher self. I finally knew what it meant to feel the vibration. It felt like waving a relaxzing spa , being refreshed except the difference was this feeling stood day after day. There is no one else I would have rather had to preform this on me. You can feel Suzan makes a connection with you as soon as you walk through the door . Suzan allows you to understand each step of the process and let’s you few very comfortable. She is truly amazing so knowledgeable! I thank my lucky stars because of my wonderful experience with her I feel the change in my life already ! Thankyou Suzan !!!



April 2018

Suzan is an gifted intuitive who is full of love and wisdom. Her readings are truly insightful. She is also patient, kind and extremely committed to empowering others and helping them recognize their connection to divine. Highly Recommended!!


The medium that rocks

April 2018

Suzan has a lovely style about her. She really tuned into me and she is excellent at what she does. She intuitively knew which decks to pick from and we shared a synchronistic experience with a particular deck that seemed to be ready to get used! I would definately recommend her to a friend. Thank you for your service. I will take the advise offered and keep flowing, writing and playing!
Gratefully yours

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