Taylor Palmer

Guiding you back to yourself.

Consulation Type: Online, In Person
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Available Hours: 9am-6pm
Payment Options: PayPal Debit/Credit To book with debit/credit http://white-tiger-healing.square.site/ BQH Session- $250 Tarot Reading- $50
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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Address: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.


Taylor Palmer

Quantum Healer

My purpose as a practitioner is to guide you to a state of deep healing & self empowerment.

I have a passion for serving the collective- to help you find yourself, your purpose in this life, profound healing and any personal or cosmic questions you may have.

My journey began after I had my first major “awakening’ this showed me that there was much more to this reality & universe than we’ve been told. This was the first time I was shown that true unconditional love exists, that it is actually our natural state of being and we can get back to that state. We just have to unlearn much of what we’ve been taught or believe about ourselves. These limiting beliefs don’t allow us to follow our truest hearts desires, they stop us from healing and finding the truth hidden in the lessons we encounter. These beliefs can come from traumas or just teachings from our environment that we unknowingly pick up and carry with us.

My intention is to help guide you to a place of recognizing these blocks or limiting beliefs within you so we can help you reach your highest potential in any and all areas of your life.

Let’s take a journey together.


BQH Certified
Reiki Healing Level 1
Quantum Touch
Tarot Reader




February 2024

Thank you Taylor for a great reading. I loved it and I will definitely recommend you to my friends. You have a true gift.


Thanh Tran

January 2024

I just love Taylor's energy. I had a live reading with her and it was great. She helped me to clarify my situation and even suggested questions to ask Spirit Guides that I haven't even thought of!!!!

Thank you so much Taylor 🙏❤


Carol-Anne Besler

January 2024

I spotted Taylor on YouTube and was so often blown away by how positive and resonant so many of her general readings were for my situation. I knew I wanted a personal reading from her - my first one ever. Her awareness and use of language is what really drew me in, she's not an ordinary tarot reader.

In our reading she told me exactly all the things I already knew yet needed an external reflection for, and I left the reading feeling really solid and validated for taking those next steps I know I must.

If and when I ever need another solid reflection, I will definitely be turning to Taylor, and will be recommending her to anyone who could use her magic.


Heather Yoakum

January 2024

My mind-blowing virtual quantum healing journey with Taylor!!

I'm not one to typically write reviews, but my experience with Taylor and her virtual quantum healing sessions was so profound, I felt compelled to share it. Let me preface this by saying I've dabbled in various forms of therapy and healing modalities over the years, but nothing has come close to the transformative journey I embarked on with Taylor.

From the moment we connected virtually, I felt a sense of calm and ease wash over me. Taylor's warm presence and soothing voice instantly put me at ease, creating a safe and nurturing space for me to delve into the depths of my being. The session itself was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was a blend of guided meditation, breathwork, and what felt like tapping into a wellspring of universal energy.

Through Taylor's gentle guidance, I was able to access and tap into parts of myself I didn't even realize were there. Layers of buried emotions, limiting beliefs, and even traumas I thought I had healed gently unraveled. It wasn't always easy, there were moments of intense emotion, but Taylor was a constant source of support and encouragement. Her ability to hold space for me without judgment allowed me to fully surrender to the process and confront these hidden aspects of myself head-on.

One of the most profound realizations I had during the session was the confirmation that I am indeed on the right path. For years, I've struggled with self-doubt and uncertainty, but through this experience, I gained a deep sense of trust in myself and my own intuition. It was like a weight had been lifted, and I finally felt free to embrace my authentic self and my unique purpose in this world.

I can't thank Taylor enough for her skill, compassion, and guidance throughout this transformative journey. Her virtual quantum healing sessions are more than just therapy; they are a powerful catalyst for personal growth and spiritual awakening. If you're looking for a way to unlock your full potential and tap into the depths of your being, I wholeheartedly recommend that you reach out to Taylor. You won't regret it.



August 2023

I recently had a quantum healing session with Taylor and it was beautiful on so many levels. She puts you in a calm and relaxing state and sets the perfect tone for the experience. Her guidance magnificently moves you through your own sub conscious mind and soul and allows you to open up into another realm. She asks you thoughtful questions as you move through your story to evoke answers that you are deeply searching for. It truly felt like doing a years worth of therapy in a couple hours. I feel like I was able to let go of a lot of things I was holding onto with the help of Taylor. This is a one of a kind experience and I highly recommend anyone looking for answers within themself to further their healing journey should book a session with Taylor! 



June 2023

This was my first time doing a BQH session and I'm so glad I did it with Taylor! I was definitely nervous going into the meeting, but she made me feel totally comfortable and really eased me into the experience. What transpired was an incredible journey that truly touched my soul. I faced some unsettling scenarios, but also had beautiful moments of overwhelming joy, and Taylor was there to gently guide me through it all. It was such an emotional ride that really gave me a new perspective on myself. I'm so grateful for the session and can't wait to do it again soon! Thank you! xo



June 2023

I had an excellent experience as I was guided through a healing journey by Taylor. I learned life lessons that will help me to live my life more meaningfully moving forward. I would highly recommend Taylor as a guide. She made me feel safe and comfortable along the whole journey and helped me to explore the depths of my soul. 



June 2023

This was my very first BQH session. My intention was to have mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. After the water alchemy, the water actually tasted more "full" like I was actually drinking the intention and made it a part of me. It was a beautiful experience.

After Taylor led me through the portal, I found myself in a vast area that was deep muted pink in color. I was the only one there and I looked around to try and figure out where I was. I could feel that I was in this thing as well as on it. It seemed dense but also light. After a while I realized I was a cell in my own heart!  I was just in awe, fascinated by the beauty and functionality of God's creation. My Higher Self went straight to work healing and cleaning various parts of my body.

What was super great about the experience was that Taylor phrased her questions such that the responses my Higher Self gave were very pure and meaningful.  I came out of the session feeling refreshed and more clear about my next steps in life, less anxious and ready to move forward.

Thank you, Taylor, for an unforgettable,  transformational experience!



May 2023

Taylor, is a beautiful teacher who provided a very relaxing yet visionary experience. It’s hard to put into words the journey she took me on. You take yourself through your body and mind experiences and feelings and Taylor was the expert who guided me through the visuals. Going to continue with her to explore more soon xx



April 2023

I have had a beautiful session with Taylor Palmer recently,  with deep and interesting results. The energy was so warm and supportive, it felt like Taylor’s presence filled my room with support and guidance. Although we were having a session from different continents, I could feel that great sense of trust no matter the distance. I appreciate greatly Taylor’s ability to improvise and guide the Higher Self to the root of client’s questions, as well as her friendly and loving approach. Highly recommend to anyone.
Thank you Taylor


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