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Terrell Just

Terrell Just Hypnosis

BQH, QHHT Hypnosis Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Surrogate and Remote Spirit Release therapist.

~ Member Since 2018

       Terrell Just Hypnosis; Hypnosis for Spiritual Awakening:


I know you have asked yourself these questions:
Where am I stuck? Why can’t I move forward in life? If is IS already within me, why can’t I access it?

After you have taken the trainings, read the books, perhaps hired a coach, now it’s time to go within. Your own subconscious holds the key and can show you the origin of patterns that hold you back today.

Ancient, limiting vows and contracts can be broken.
Current relationships can be better understood.

Physical healing can be initiated.
Attached entities, implants and devices can be removed.
Skills and strengths from previous lives can be uncovered and called upon to assist in this life.

It’s all in your genetic memory (DNA) and your subconscious, just waiting for your discovery.
With Quantum Healing you can finally access the Master within.

Let’s just say this: Inner work is warrior’s work. I applaud you for wanting to explore and heal your hidden memories. 

The best part of hypnosis, you get the answers from your own subconscious – not someone or something outside of you, such as a psychic or psycho-therapist.

About Me:

Hello and welcome to my profile here at Quantum Healers.

After more than 25 years of practicing cosmetology and helping people feel confident and their best looking selves, I got a message from my guides to take QHHT as a good idea for the next chapter of my life of service.
So – I did!  After Dolores Cannon’s QHHT training, I quickly moved forward, incorporating several hypnosis methods in order to better serve my clients and their needs.
I know it takes courage to do this inner work. For me – I has been liberating, empowering and fun!
Because of this, I invite you to take the plunge and begin using hypnosis for your next chapter of inner knowing, empowerment and adventure. I would be honored to guide you on this path.


QHHT, Introspective Hypnosis, BQH, Remote Spirit Therapy, Mediumship, Surrogate Sessions, Akashic Records Readings



Luke Taylor

June 2021

I received a wonderful surrogate session from Gretchen and Estelle Tanner!
I was feeling guided to reach out to them for a surrogate session as my Birthday was coming up. I have not had any previous contact with them, they don’t know anything about me. I was interested in having a session that wasn’t influenced by my conscious mind. I sent my questions in without any expectations of the outcome.

The day I received my recording was on my actual Birthday June 4, the timing was perfect. The information that came through was very clear and resonated with me very well. The clearing portion near the end brought me to tears as there were things I have known about for years were confirmed and released. Very powerful session. I am so grateful for the experience and clarity of guidance. Thank you



June 2021

Gretchen and Estelle facilitated a surrogate session for my 15 yr old daughter. From start to finish the session is so mind blowing, I cried so much through the session of tears of joy as it is such an overwhelmingly beautiful experience. It really does move you the heartfelt and caring attention of Gretchen and her insights and Estelle's ability to pinpoint, confirm and illuminate the areas needing healed. Gretchen's affirmations of the blockages on the body are amazing and I can relate to so much regarding my daughter. It was such a special experience and I'm forever grateful, from my heart to yours both. ♥️❤️❤️❤️


Joshua Gonzalez

June 2021

I do not know either of you. To be able to utilize my spirit to clean, clear, protect and create a new path for the then, now and future is beyond breath taking.

This journey is beyond a roller coaster ride and for you to see what it has been and hear your emotions as you took on my journey. Wow!!!

Words are beyond words in expressing how I truly feel. The spirits have proven to work through the both of you and it is incredibly empowering.

What a true gift you have been provided and are providing in return. You are truly blessed.

You are embraced in my heart for eternity.

Love and Light❤❤❤


Linda H

June 2021

What an amazing surrogate session I received from Estelle and Gretchen Ballard!! Within the first few minutes of the session I found myself tearing up. Tears of relief. Relief knowing that there are reasons outside of myself that have contributed to my inability to reach my potential, continuously sabotaging my efforts.

I have spent so many years not feeling fully alive, not feeling joy, and not accomplishing my goals. A repetitive loop of negativity always lingering despite my efforts of personal growth and healing.

To my surprise, many attachments were discovered in this session. So many that I wonder how I managed to put one foot in front of the other all these years. Gretchen and Estelle lovingly removed all the negative attachments, revealing how each one had been affecting me physically, mentally and spiritually. This understanding has helped me to view my life history with a different perspective.

After receiving the energetic cleansing, I received guidance for how I could move forward with a self-care plan that involved grounding, protection, and connection to my higher self and guides. Estelle and Gretchen were loving, compassionate, sensitive, caring and attentive during the session. All of my questions were answered as well as questions I had not voiced.

This session has instilled a new sense of hope within myself. It's a new day, a fresh start and I am eager to get going. I am so grateful to Gretchen, Estelle and the guides who participated. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself and to feel eager to greet each day with enthusiasm.

With Love & Gratitude


Daniela Jansen

June 2021

Wow! I had not expected this! Estelle guided a surrogate session for myself so amazingly gentle, loving, considerate and beautiful! She is hugely intuitive and a fantastic facilitator, finding the perfect balance between bringing in ideas and leaving room for things to unfold. Estelle and Gretchen Ballard are a wonderful team with these sessions, very harmonious and complementing each other. Both made sure that all information delivered was genuine and sincere. What an amazing experience. I highly recommend working with Estelle and Gretchen, individually and as a team. Thank you for the session and all the clearing made possible!!


Director/Producer Anon

November 2020

Had a distance remote healing! Holy Cow! This is a must for everyone. Feels like I'm getting my life back that was somehow repressed. Every day since the reading I'm having revelations of unanswered questions now being answered. I will recommend this for everyone!


Tena Dodds-Waters

January 2020

As a practitioner, I've had trouble connecting to my Higher Self in the past because I wasn't able to fully let go and trust. But in my session with Terrell I was totally able to let go. Her soothing voice and calm demeanor allowed me the space to feel safe enough to really fall in and experience what was meant for me. It was a beautiful session and I received answers to all of my questions. I'm so grateful to her for being such a wonderful guide and human. I highly recommend having a session with her, she knows her stuff! Thank you, Terrell, you are awesome!

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