Van Nguyen

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Available Hours: SCHH & BQH sessions are facilitated online via Zoom. In addition to weekday sessions starting at 8:00 AM CDT, I also offer some evening and weekend sessions. Please check my calendar for all available appointments. Session Availability:
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Languages: English

Address: Round Rock, Texas, United States.


Van Nguyen

~ Member Since 2021


I am a Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) and Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH) Practitioner based in Round Rock, Texas USA. I currently facilitate all SCHH and BQH sessions online via ZOOM. I awakened at 45, to realize that every moment of my life so far had been divinely guided.  From my traumatic “boat people” refugee experience as a child, without my family, to immigrating and growing up in America, to bringing all of my family to reunification in America from Viet Nam, to meeting the love of my life (without knowing that this was my divine partner then) and our beautiful unique children, to being completely yanked out of the matrix and rat race – a career of thirty something years in Semiconductor Technology were all part of the preparation towards my path of healing and serving humanity. Control and action was my primary mode surviving and thriving (or so I thought) the first 45 years of my life.  Until then, it seems to have been working for me so far, in spite of all the tragedies, challenges, and hardships along the way.  And then, control and action stopped working and for the next five years, I was forced to learn to “BE” and “SURRENDER” and “ALLOW”.  This was a huge change and struggle for me the first two of those years. I relapse to my control and action mode from time to time just to find “IT JUST WON’T WORK” anymore.  It was as if everything I thought I knew and was taught about life and faith went out the window and my whole view of what we know about this life is no longer true. Then, all my shadows, false beliefs about myself, my lack mindset, and a whole host of other inner wounds, and physical dis-eases, started to reveal themselves for me to recognize, release, and heal. I spent the next 3 years learning and remembering who I truly am, why I am really here, and healing myself through various modalities including Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Through healing sessions I received, I learned that healing is my purpose and that I hold the frequency of unconditional love and empowerment. I had no idea what that meant.   Eventually, I completed my Beyond Quantum Hypnosis training and continued with Reiki Master Certification, and Spirit Releasement Therapy Training.  I found myself very natural and at ease facilitating Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions as though I am in a trance when I facilitate and my intuition comes fully alive.  Finally, it all made sense and now I understand why I had to learn to “BE” and “SURRENDER” and “ALLOW”.  I just have to BE the clear sovereign vessel for the Divine, SURRENDER to my higher guidance, and ALLOW the healing and unfolding to flow in for the highest divine good of my clients. Practicing Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH) was only the beginning for me to access and align to that higher purpose.  I then found that clients have been harboring entity attachments, artificial implants, portals, and discordant energies that do not belong to nor serve them for years, long before they come to me.  Most of us, human beings, are completely unaware or believe that if we are maintaining high vibration, we are completely resistant to such attachment and infringements.  Actually, it is impossible for us to be in our highest vibration at all time, as we are Human Beings on this Earth plane with our human emotions and thoughts be it dark, light, negative, or positive.  I did not arrive at this truth of mine without lessons in ‘DISCERNMENT” of my own.  So, how can I fully empower a client to access and align to the highest divine expression of themselves, if they are influenced and infringed upon and have been for so long?  I believe that it is so essential that every word my clients say and tell themselves during their sessions is from a position of their own sovereignty and empowerment.  As divine timing would have it, I was led to Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) and I completed my training.  SCHH is just the perfect and divine additional modality I needed to robustly help clients address, clear, and release these attachments and infringements from the start of the session,  allowing the clients to continue with their journey in their own sovereignty and empowerment void of negative influence and infringement.  Now, I combine the best of SCHH and BQH for all sessions and you will experience both modality seamlessly when you have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with me. When you are ready to begin and continue to accelerate your journey of transformation to heal emotional wounds, release blockages, and reframe the false programmings and beliefs about yourself that are holding you back from creating the beautiful life you desire and deserve with ease and grace, I am right here for you.  I am humbled that you choose me to serve and empower you to access and align to the highest divine version of yourself and your higher guidance through Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.
website: book a session: book a free 15 minutes consultation: If you would like for us to chat before you book a session with me to help you decide if we are aligned for a session together, feel free to book a free 15 minutes consultation with me.


Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) Practitioner
Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH) Practitioner
Soul Realignment (Akashic Records)
Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT)
Reiki Master Certification



Amanda Holt

October 2022

Van was very intuitive and guided the session perfectly for me to gain the healing I was ready for. I have felt incredible since the session because of the healing she facilitated! Highly Recommend!



August 2022

I felt guided to have a session with Van. From the moment we connected i knew that she was working from the heart❤. This type of therapy well, no words can describe it for me. The healing effects are still buzzing around me. Thank you Van , this session blew my mind. If you feel drown to have a session with Van , go for it. Thank you Van ❤❤❤


Sandra Kanahs

August 2022

This loving experience was a beautiful exchange of healing energy that was uplifting and transmutative into the light. Thank you so much.



This beach visualization relaxation exercise can be used as a guided meditation, visualization exercise, or guided relaxation exercise, and in preparing yourself for hypnosis session. Allow yourself 30 minutes for this guided visualization. Find a quiet space where you can comfortably sit or lay down while be undisturbed for the duration of this beach visualization relaxation. Do not listen while operation vehicle or heavy machinery or equipment. Book a Soul Center Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) / Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (BQH) Session with me: Access and Align to the highest divine expression of yourself through Quantum Healing Hypnosis:

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