Self Love vs. Weight Loss

Self Love vs. Weight Loss


Do you know what Self Love is? It's about truly loving yourself so much, that you would not allow the little things to hamper your health, happiness, and vibrancy for life. Throughout my career I have helped ALOT of people make changes in how they feel and how they perceive their health.


Amazingly enough most people are "too busy" to make health their number one mission, but here is the thing…that "busyness" isn't really real. It's a way of hiding from someone or something. Through past conditioning, many of us don't even realize that there's such a thing as self-love. Self esteem was squashed in one way or another from a family member, class mate, or BFF. No one intentionally squashed us, but because of their own conditioning they simply viewed things differently than we did, and unfortunately crushed some of our own perceptions of our selves.


Now, where is this all going to? If you have been struggling with weigh loss I want you to dig deep and truly think about the self-love or self sabotage you give to yourself. If it has been a struggle for most of your life, take a moment, maybe even journal about it, and get real with yourself. Gaining weight is no ones fault but our own. We create the story in our head about why it's OK to have that small bit of cake or that you don't want to hurt someone's feelings by saying no to a glass of wine. The only person you hurt is yourself and for some reason you decided it's better to hurt YOU than to disappoint others. And here is the thing, you are not disappointing anyone by saying no to cake, pasta, or a cocktail, and if they treat you as such, they were not looking after your best interest anyways.


The only cheerleaders we have come from within. Today I want you to write out all the amazing qualities that makes you, YOU. Highlight them for yourself, use them to empower yourself and refuse the naysayers from interfering with your success. If you have been struggling with weight issues, you have to feel certain that at some point it will affect your health and longevity, there's no way to sugar coat this. You hold the key to loving yourself, you hold the answers about why weight loss had been so challenging. Food is fuel, and if you see it as comfort, it's time to replace that with a healthier and more self-love driven habit. My goal here is to get you to start to reevaluate the way you think about your weight challenges. I'll be sharing more in future articles, but take this and "simply think about it".


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