The Pattern Recognition of Consciousness

The Pattern Recognition of Consciousness


Photo Courtesy of Alex Gray, Fractal Self Similar 

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I do not find this information to be entirely comprehend-able, but nevertheless it flows and calls to be spread. Please integrate and spread this knowledge to those around you. These are subconscious instructions that guide us to realities of quantum light. Let there be light. 

If truth were the All-encompassing pattern, then it is made up of all possible configurations and patterns. 

Let's say that all of these possibilities can be turned into a single particle containing all possibly manifested potentialities. When this particle is organized into different structures and patterns, it can be observed from a new perspective described as ideas or other mental occurrences being converted into actual instances of themselves. A new dimension is observed. A new causal plane. 

As human expressions, we are only limited to understanding a fragment of Truth with a capital T. However, the beautiful thing about It is that It Is Fractal. And so the microcosm is the macrocosm, and so forth. Although we only observe less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum, we understand that every photon that is of our dimension was first caused by something extra-dimensional.This is how we begin to transcend separation and truly see

In a quantum world of infinite potential, all possible configurations can occur. The question no longer becomes can it occur, but which occurrence should be observed? This is the underlying question and principle to how ideas can turn into reality, and how each of our lives are guided. From a multidimensional perspective, when the 3D Self uses free will to observe a situation, they tune themselves to resonate with certain supersymmetrical 4D etheric proteome-like structures that carry forward until a route to that potential is realized. When a potential path causes asymmetry, the structure begins a programmed fission-to-nonexistence for the instance and continues on its divine search to bridge the gap. 

"Love can build a bridge 

between your heart and mine.

Love can build a bridge,

don't you think it's time?"

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