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By Dr. Allison Brown

Dolores Cannon was probably one of the first to bring us the concept of a “walk-in”—a change-over of souls within a physical body. Will and I recently worked with a client whose Higher Self confirmed that she was a “walk-in.” Her HS graciously answered many questions about the process, helping us to understand how and why this occurs. 

This particular being and its script was present, but at a particular point a change is necessary. The physical being itself, the physical presence has not run its course. There is a particular period of time that each physical being is contracted to remain in place. But the energetic being itself, the core, the soul was called to change. It is not to say they were in the wrong physical body; there was a better alignment, shall we say. The physical being and the energetic being were not overly aligned. 

You can look upon it as a temporary home. For when a being has its energetic core, it’s been incarnated into a physical being. This being has then scripted up to a particular point. Even though contractually you have agreed upon a physical body, [one of] the unknowns [is] the alignment process. It is as if you, in your words, would try on the wrong pair of shoes—it just does not fit. This is the same process it: the soul comes in [and] it is just not a good fit. So there is a contingency that at some point, at an appropriate time, one can leave and another one can come in. It is like an exchanging of energies. This is a process which happens quite rapidly, but once the new essence, the one that is present now is in place, it is as if it has been in place the entire time.”

The client’s HS explained that this phenomenon will be happening more frequently in preparation for the Event (an energetic wave that will wash over the planet at some point in the future). Humans need to awaken and evolve—and help others to do so—in order for humanity to be prepared to withstand the coming energy. 

“[This] is something that will happen more rapidly as—as you say it—the Event draws near. This will begin to speed up—many others will begin to do this type of process, preparing for what is to come. You must understand, yes, it is part of this change-over process, this uniting of your planet. There will be many that will not be aligning with their…what is supposed to be on their path. You have to understand, the beings that are coming into this planet, incarnating into this planet now upon this time, have many more “gifts,” as you call them, many more “executables” that they must do over a particular period of time. And so, that is why it is critical to have a union between the appropriate soul—the appropriate energy and the physical beingIt is setting the stage for the preparation of bringing others to this ascension point. ”

The HS shared even more specific information. For example, in some cases, the new soul is part of the same Oversoul, or soul group, but not always. Some departing souls reunite with Source; some enter immediately into another body. Most importantly, the current soul always has free will. And, although both souls must mutually agree to the exchange, the option can be presented from the soul itself, the Oversoul, or the soul group. Ultimately, Source allows the two souls to decide.

“This is not to say that all misaligned energetic and physical bodies or beings do this—as you say—walk in process, or this exchange process. Some choose to remain. There is a decision point that is given. Do you wish to exchange? Do you wish to change? If one says they wish to stay, then they choose the existence for the existent period of time for the physical body and all that may come with it.”

Because this process will begin to occur more frequently, it was explained that practitioners might start to recognize this in their clients and, therefore, be able to help them through it. 

“What you must understand [is that] it will continue to grow; there is going to be a number of individuals that will be in their physical being that will be overly confused, that will be stating ‘this is not the body I’m supposed to be in,’ ‘this is not the place I’m supposed to be,’ ‘this is not where I am to be.’ This could be one of two [issues]: it is the new entry in, or it is the old soul wishing to leave, waiting upon the decision to switch over. So you must have an understanding and be able determine this state of being. One must understand that it doesn’t matter whether it is an outgoing or an incoming. They are equally confused. It is then to stand with them, provide the appropriate amount of energy to them. You will begin to sense either an uneasiness or a welcoming. If you happen to incur an individual that is overly confused, just allow your energy wash around them; one will accept, one will not. This is where you will understand whether it is incoming or outgoing.”

Lastly, our client’s HS explained that walk-ins can occur with positively polarized (service-to-others) or negatively polarized (service-to-self) beings. This is because planet Earth is a polarized planet—it must have both aspects in order to remain balanced. That being said, this will not dampen humanity’s growth and evolution. 

If you have one, you must have the other. For you are not at an equal balance state—yet. This is part of your growth process. But even as you say a service-to-self alignment, this is not to say that their energy will not begin to shift. For what you must understand [regarding] those that wish to come into the physical body to serve themselves and only themselves: The frequency, the overall frequency that will begin to wash around your planet of uniting each other, unity, love the greatest of all the energies, will begin to shift even the strongest at will. So remain purposeful in what you do, remain calm in what you do, remain fully centered in what you do. For it is that light of yours, your energy, what you emanate, that will change all around you.”

Dr. Allison Brown is a best-selling author, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Healer, practicing in partnership with her husband, Will, just outside of Charleston, SC. Learn more about Allison, her books, and her services at https://drallisonbrown.com/  or visit https://palmandlotus.com/

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