What the Virus is Here to Teach Us

What the Virus is Here to Teach Us


In our business (IT'S YOU, GURU), Laura Haehl & I regularly go "into the bubble" to gain a higher perspective on what's happening in the collective. 

The other day, we asked about COVID-19. 

The following is the unique and calm perspective shared by our Higher Selves with assistance from the Star Being Alliance, a group we often invite in. Hope you enjoy…


“This period, if you think about what is being discussed…the low vibration is isolation and the high vibration is introspection. Now is a wonderful time to go within to truly explore what you are fearful of. It’s not the virus. The virus is an example of something that exists outside yourself that is simply reflecting back to you. No different than when you have coffee with that really annoying friend who talks too much and then you realize, “Oh shit, I talk too much.” So, the virus is that: it’s going to reflect something different to each individual, but at the heart, at the core, it’s reflecting fear back to all of us.

So, what are you afraid of? A good portion of you are obviously afraid of losing your wealth; even if you don’t feel wealthy, you’re afraid of losing money, losing a job, losing investments, losing whatever. That’s why the stock market is impacted. A good portion of you are afraid of losing friends, losing family and loved ones, becoming more disconnected… that’s why we’re hearing so much talk about isolation and quarantine.

So, how could this manifest in your own personal life? If you have the strength, give yourself five minutes to contemplate the worst-case scenario. That worst-case scenario for you, write it down and look at it—circle the key words that jump out at you—that is ultimately what you’re afraid of and what you are right now working to clear. We hope you clear it. There’s no reason to be afraid of any of those things.” — Candy’s higher self and the Star-Being Alliance via Candy Irven

—end transmission—

We get so much great information "in the bubble" communicating with our Higher Selves & the Star Being Alliance (when we invite them to join).

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