Brewing Up Some Goodness

Brewing up Some Goodness

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By Christina Brady 

(introduction by Candace Craw-Goldman)

Many of us are blessed to know how much our grandma’s loved or love, to cook for us. And how good the food tastes. It is often because of the love they pour into the food. It is also why humans have a long history of blessing their meals before eating.

Christina Brady recently completed the Beyond Quantum Healing course. One component of the course is focused upon intention, and uses a process called Water Alchemy that energetically infuses the client’s intention for the session within the energetic fields of both the client and the practitioner. Here is her story!

Ok I have a thought! Lol. I’m hanging out in my kitchen today and I start to giggle because as I’m on this new BQH journey my son says, “next we will find mom brewing up potions!” So what made me giggle is I was thinking of the water alchemy and considering how when I make a pot of soup for loved ones, I am intentionally making it to make them feel better. Ahhh intention…, Humm… applesauce, can I seal up this applesauce with a stronger intention of just storing goodies? Why yes yes I can!!!! So now I’m making/brewing up the applesauce with some wonderful intentions added to it for health and strength and love!!!! Puts a whole new perspective on the quote, “Made with Love”. Maybe I shall add made with love and intention. Oh if my son could see me now.

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