Brewing Up Some Goodness

Brewing up Some Goodness

By Christina Brady  (introduction by Candace Craw-Goldman) Many of us are blessed to know how much our grandma’s loved or love,... Read more »

Atronaut On The Moon

Life as an Astronaut in Other Dimension

his life regression experience was explored as part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. This subject did not have much... Read more »

The Heros Journey

The Hero’s Journey

By Christina Lavers A few months ago, I worked with an amazing woman who had endured some incredible challenges and hardship... Read more »

Finding A Way Through

Finding a Way Through

By Christina Lavers When I first started offering Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions arriving at the last sentence of the induction, “…I want... Read more »

Quantum Healing European Summit 2017

Quantum Healing European Summit 2017

May 12th and 13th, 2017 QHHT Practitioners from around the world gathered in Mainz, Germany for our First European Practitioner... Read more »

Nueve formas de prepararse para una sesión de Sanación Cuántica, BQH o QHHT

1. Las intenciones importan. Mucho. ¿Cuál es tu intención para tener una sesión? Podría ser útil sacar lápiz y papel... Read more »

Visualización, imaginación y “Lo inventé todo”

Hay algunos clientes que después de haber experimentado una Sesión de Sanación Cuántica negarán la validez de su experiencia y... Read more »

No Puedo Ser Hipnotizado … y Otros Mitos de la Hipnosis

Nunca me han hipnotizado, me temo que no puedo ser hipnotizado. De hecho, probablemente pases una buena parte del día... Read more »

Healing the Water Within

Healing the Water Within

July 2017 Star Energy Healing Teleconference: Healing the water within Facilitated by Barbara Becker & her Higher Self In 2003,... Read more »

Visualisation, Imagination et « J’ai tout inventé »

Certains clients qui, après avoir vécu une séance de soin quantique, nieront la validité de leur expérience et diront quelque... Read more »

Your Body An Incredible Recording Device

Your Body: An Incredible Recording Device

Article by Michael James Garber During a Body Scan of a BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) session today, the client’s Higher... Read more »

Time Loop

Time Loop, Matrix Glitch, or just a Bug?

Dear Blog Reader, We are aware of the collapsing timelines and the power of the 2019 Lion’s Gate, but this... Read more »

Woman And Man Silhouette With Aura, Chakras, Energy Profile

Energetic Connection with Your Practitioner

Your energetic relationship with your practitioner just might be the most misunderstood aspect of quantum healing work and I believe... Read more »

Group Regressions with Quantum Healers

Group Regressions with Quantum Healers

Group Regressions are a great way to test drive the idea of consciousness exploration. Think of a group regression as... Read more »

The Language of your Higher Self

The Language of your Higher Self

Article by Candace Craw-Goldman Your imagination is the language of your higher self. This is such an important concept I... Read more »

Quiet Mind Buddha

Quieting the Mind

Our Community of Quantum Healing Practitioners share information with each other every day about how to best serve our consciousness... Read more »

Interacting Intentions

Interacting Intentions

By Candace Craw-Goldman has a brand new resource for you called ‘GET READY’ for your session we start off by... Read more »

Blue Beings And The Ascension Doorway

Blue Beings and the Ascension Doorway

Article by Jo Woodland Jo is located in Melbourne, Australia. Jo started practising Quantum Healing Hypnosis 5 years ago. She... Read more »

Sapiens by Sharon Collins

Sapiens by Sharon Collins

I am so pleased to share a new story by my friend Sharon Collins. This story, “Sapiens” is a continuation... Read more »

Higher Self on Steroids Speaks about “A Big Happening”

Higher Self on Steroids Speaks about “A Big Happening”

Higher Self on Steroids Speaks about “A Big Happening” (Editor’s note Tom Waagboe is a longtime Quantum Healer who lives in Norway. The... Read more »

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