Group Regressions with Quantum Healers

Group Regressions with Quantum Healers


Group Regressions are a great way to test drive the idea of consciousness exploration.

Think of a group regression as “dipping a toe” into the experience of having a full-blown quantum healing session while getting to know a practitioner. If you’ve ever thought you might like to have a quantum healing session, starting with a group version is a great way to begin.

Not only does it give you an opportunity to practice, if it’s an online session or a pre-recorded one, it offers a very nice element of privacy. You may not be quite ready to talk privately to a practitioner, but you can always sign up for or listen to a pre-recorded group regression or guided visualization to get an idea of the process and the person. A bonus is, if your chosen facilitator has one available, a way to connect to the voice and the energy of the actual practitioner you might be considering.

Following a facilitator into an altered state of consciousness in a group setting is actually a really fun experience. It can be powerful and healing as well. Why not give one a try?

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Allison Coe  Inner Earth 2019

Allison Coe  Worldwide Regression Day 2018

Pamela Aaralyn Shamanic Drumming Regression 2018

Shane Robinson Unbiased on the Fence

Michael James Garber: Transformotion

Candace Craw-Goldman Seaside to Starship

Hannah Fogg a BQH Practice Journey

Group Regression Practice with Candace Craw-Goldman and Alice Mixer

Group regressions are an excellent way to “Get Ready” for a Quantum Healing session! Today we share video number 5 of 10 on the topic of preparing for your consciousness exploration session.

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