Two People Communicate With Thoughts Without Words. Telepathy.

Dreams, Dolores, Donna and Immersion

The Dreamscape has always been rich with clues, information, and ideas. When selectively and thoughtfully shared with like-minded people, it... Read more »

Forbidden Qhht Topic

The Forbidden QHHT® Topic: Entity Release

The Forbidden QHHT® Topic – How did Dolores Cannon make her decision and what did she say to her students... Read more »

Qh Kids Qotw

Question of the Week: Quantum Healing for KIDS?

Quantum Healing for Children. Is it a good idea? Is it possible? What concerns or questions should a parent or... Read more »

Qh Question Week Left Brain Client

Question of the Week: Dear Left Brained Client

Is it your conscious mind speaking in a Quantum Healing session? Your Higher Self? How do you know which is... Read more »

Eclipse Leaves

Dolores Cannon’s message to the World Oct. 14, 2023

Image caption: Tree Leaves cast eclipse shaped shadows on a fence near Austin Texas A few hours ago I had... Read more »

Dolores Cannon Time Of Transition

2024 Time of Transition

I woke up hearing Dolores Cannon’s voice telling me that 2024 will be a year like no other. Guaranteed. Dolores... Read more »

Dolores - Still an Inspiration

Dolores – Still an Inspiration

By Candace Craw-Goldman Eight years ago today, Dolores Cannon left the Earth plane. I write these words in the exact... Read more »

Dolores Cannon Brings the Magic!

Dolores Cannon Brings the Magic!

By Tena M. Dodds and Karen Baquiran Last night during a surrogate Beyond Quantum Healing session, my partner Karen and... Read more »

Dolores Whispered

Dolores Whispered

The following article is written by LaDonna, based in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A. A BQH practitioner and a very active member of... Read more »

How Dolores Cannon Determined My Destiny

How Dolores Cannon Determined my Destiny

Article by Juvie De Koning Anyone who has set out looking for their life purpose will know how a long... Read more »

If I Have to Choose

If I Have to Choose

Chrysilla is Quantum Healer, and multi-dimensional channel who based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. We love that she does in-person session, as... Read more »

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