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A New Message From Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon ,New Earth News

Dolores Cannon is very much with us, and when she wants to get a message out, she speaks it to those who will listen and share. She shared this one with me recently and wishes that you hear it now.

As you get ready to read, please take some deep breaths and meditate into the empty space to connect with your higher mind – here is her message:

It’s time for the ‘first wavers’ and ‘second wavers’ to come together and prepare for those from the ‘third wave.’ The divine plan for transmuting Earth is unfolding – happening now.

The air signs (Gemini ♊️, Libra ♎️, Aquarius ♒️ ) are thought leaders. They must express the divine vision in their unique way – not always logical. Some will express this through visual art. Others in music. Some are scribes and will write. All may be combined, and many will collaborate (like making movies that take a lot of coordination with many people and numerous skills).

Earth signs ( Taurus ♉️ Virgo ♍️ Capricorn ♑️ ) are builders, whether they are aware or not. Collaboration with air signs will keep them aligned and on track with their building.

Water signs ( Cancer ♋️, Scorpio ♏️ Pisces ♓️) will be processing a lot of the emotions. Their mission is to align with the divine intentionally and use music, light, crystals, and other tools to transmute lower-vibration emotions into higher octaves. Intention is most important. All humans will be doing this. The water signs have the greatest impact on the collective.

Fire signs (Aries ♈️, Leo ♌️ Sagittarius ♐️ ) are the spark-initiators. They set fire to the engines. They bridge the air (ideas) to Earth (action/manifestation). Just like a fire burns away an object into ash and is used to create anew – these humans challenge and burn old ideas and structures.

Have you seen land after a forest fire? In the years after the fire, new species of flowers and plants emerge from the Earth. Fire helps the Earth create new.

Old matrix ideas are being shaken away, yet free will in each individual determines how much the individual will release and allow to be transmuted into new. Be patient, and yet impatient, with one another. Each individual impacts the collective. Each individual has a vital and significant part in the grand transmutation. Deal with the fears! Surround them with the white and golden light, allowing the violet light of transmutation to enter and transform fears into love light. Choose joy, beauty, and bliss. Let go of the past. It does not exist. The ‘Matrix’ does not exist. It was a game played that is over and thrown in the trash – we determined that the ‘Matrix’ is no longer necessary, not wanted. We begin the paradise-heaven Earth expression. That is why so many are inspired to start their own gardens and live in the woods with nature (and have been doing so).

The transition is gradual. Even in cities, great joy and beauty grow in pockets – little bubbles. The bubbles come from the Earth angels, you, when you relate to each other (humans, animals, plants, crystals, musical instruments) pursuing your joy. The joy-making is a divine vibration that creates bubbles of divine energy – even in the lowest vibration places. Some of your movies have shown this, such as The Golden Child. The high-vibration bubbles are impenetrable to evil intentions. No harm can take place in the divine bubbles.

Continue to create and expand these bubbles. You need not be physically present to build them together. Relate with one another to uplift joy, beauty, peace, and bliss. Then, you can travel through anything in the divine bubble (even through what may seem horrible in a 3D mindset – what the old illusion Matrix shows on media).

While the Matrix does not exist anymore, individual minds hold onto it as “real.” You are all powerful creators through the instrument of your minds and thoughts. The thoughts you choose to hold receive your creative energies and manifest into form. They can be situations or even objects. You are not your minds. You are the controller of your minds. Many have turned over control of their minds to evil ones instead of remembering that they are divine souls.

The mind control goes many generations deep. The contract was for each soul to forget who they were when they entered physical form on Earth. Then they had to choose to research and work to remember. (Walking spiritual paths, “healing”, practicing meditation, getting wisdom from books and masters, etc). That contract is completed. The souls being born (or walking in) now remember. Needing no “spiritual path” to walk. They know the divine and begin their creation from the divine knowing. You may ask to receive a walk-in to work with your soul to be in the knowing. It is your choice. You may choose to continue an old Earth Matrix suffering experience or allow for the divine knowing experience of Earth. Free will to choose is your birthright.

As I’m writing, a rainbow pillar formed over the white sands desert directly in front of me ( I have glass double doors straight ahead that overlook the desert basin). The rainbow is a divine sign meaning “promise”. I hope you can simply breathe into your heart and let Dolores’ message simmer in your mind with the Higher Self.

Suna Senman is a very experienced and gifted Quantum Healer. If you have questions, she can be reached at and

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