Who are you?

Alternative Healing

Suna Senman, LMSW
Quantum Transformation Coach, author

Have you dared to ask the primordial question, “Who are you?” seeking an answer that is not your occupation, your age, your family connections, your education, your credits… but YOU. Who are you?

Many clients come with this question in several different forms: “What are my past lives?” “What is my purpose?” “What am I not seeing?”

Spiritual practice and soul growth starts with asking, “Who am I?” and relentlessly pursuing the answer until you come to knowing — not believing, but knowing.

When I started to write this article, I was thinking about being coerced into unhealthy behaviours. I though to title it, “Just say no”, a term Nancy Reagan made popular around drug use. What we did not realise at the time is that most of us were/are addicted to powerlessness, which comes from not knowing who we are. As a result, many people have been following rules, “laws” and lifestyles that make them miserable and sick — dis-eased. Thus the need to get to the basics and know, “Who am I?”

As I began this article, I was given the option to create a design — an AI generated design. I put in the words I wished that should have generated the title art. I tried to use the AI tool to make the design, yet each time the output was a manipulation of my original concept. My idea was not allowed! The program attempted to change my human message into an approved message. So “Just say no” was completely rejected. “Say No” became, “Say no to negativity”, and the same result occurs with, “No, No”. So I flat out just said no to the AI thought manipulation tool and found a picture of the original 12 strands of human DNA.

Putting beliefs aside, (may we respect one another’s beliefs) the question remains, “Who are you?” What core characteristics define who you truly are?

The interest that sparked my lifelong career in psychology and human development started with that question, “Who are we?” In my teens, I was a competitive gymnast, which is an identity that ended at 18 or 20 years old at that time. I wondered about those who identified as an athlete, child actor or anything that seemed an honourable identity. What happens after that identity stops? Who are we?

People have identities as, “mother”, “husband”, “boss”, “professor”, “taxi driver”… What happens when those identities end? Who are we?

As a licensed mental health professional and researcher, I learned to keep many ethical laws. These are purposed to honour and respect the integrity of the client I am serving. The ethical laws are in line with the only one true and universal law, “Do no harm”. My role as a mental health professional aligned with my true identity as being a human being.

What about other rules and “laws”? Are they an aspect of the universal law, “Do no harm”? We are seeing many people stand up to the misaligned “laws” — regulations that create harm. This is where you need to know, “Who are you?” Are you a human with a divine mind that can discern which regulations are aligned with universal law? The alternative is less than human. We train our animals well with psychological methods. The training has been used on the two-legged mammals as well. Who are you?

Even if you see yourself as a trainer, question where you have been trained. Who are you and where have you convinced yourself that you are something other than who you truly are?

I am grateful for AI’s noncompliance with my desired title, because at the core of “just say no” is the foundation of knowing “who are you?”

My books, Being: a process and Peace: discovering life’s harmony through relationships, are stimulants of your inner wisdom. Both help you access the truth within you. These books can be purchased through www.sunasenman.com or internet bookstores. I also offer quantum hypnosis and spiritual counseling.

Coming soon is the book, Mother Mary Speaks 13-Days guidance, which can be ordered through www.MotherMary13D.com or online bookstores. This little pocketbook is a daily message to guide you into more harmony and peace, to the extent that you use it repeatedly. The messages facilitate you into knowing “who are you?”

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