Exercise Endorphins Do Exist!

Exercise Endorphins Do Exist!

We all have heard the term endorphin. We know they are feel good chemicals that are also good for our... Read more »

Hickory Is Here

Animal Talk Ep. 4: Hickory is HERE!

This is Animal Talk Ep. 4. In this episode we talk to Hickory after he has been living at the... Read more »

Animal Talk Hickory Comes Home

Animal Talk Ep. 3: Hickory Comes Home

This is Animal Talk Ep. 3. In this episode we talk to Hickory post auction. He knows whose farm he... Read more »

Quantum Questions

I love getting updates from past clients. Hearing about the incredible changes they notice in themselves and their worlds never... Read more »

Signs of Hypnosis

From my nine years of practice as a facilitator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and more recently as a Beyond... Read more »

Animal Talk Hello Hickory!

Animal Talk Ep. 2: Meeting Hickory & Horse Energy

This is Animal Talk Ep. 2. In this video, we meet Candace’s horse Hickory and is the first video in... Read more »

Animal Communication

Animal Talk with Will & Allison Brown

Meet Will and Allison Brown and listen to their story of how they got started in the Animal Talk business.... Read more »

Who are you?

Suna Senman, LMSWQuantum Transformation Coach, author Have you dared to ask the primordial question, “Who are you?” seeking an answer... Read more »

A 3d Image Of A Human Head With A Red And Yellow Brain Highligh

My Left Disease

I remember the moment the idea of a “Left-sided Disease” occurred to me. I had just put up my horse... Read more »

The Body as an Entrance Point

By Christina Lavers I recently facilitated a session that I wanted to share because it is a great example of... Read more »

Sue Beckley Blog Dog Photo Square

My First QHHT Session

By Sue Beckley I received my first QHHT session in 2018. I went to this session to determine if I... Read more »

Introspective Hypnosis

Introspective Hypnosis

By Antonio Sangio What is introspective Hypnosis? Introspective Hypnosis was created by Aurelio Mejía. It is a method that combines... Read more »

What is Higher Brain Living?

What is Higher Brain Living?

Thank you to our Higher Brain Living expert Lana Petrov for providing the resource information for this article. You can... Read more »

I Thought I Was Healed What Happened

I thought I was healed…what happened?

By Jaci Sively Most practitioners of any quantum healing modality have heard those words from a client at one point... Read more »

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