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Sandy came to me exhausted. She had spent years and countless dollars in search of herself, her purpose and healing that never lasted for very long. I had only one question, “What if you had no purpose? And best yet, what if forgetting about having a purpose actually led you to the most Divine Purpose of them all?”

With Sandy’s wide eyes of disbelief staring back at me, I explained ….

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was no grand purpose for you; nothing to fulfill so that you could just live? What if you just let it all go and surrendered to there not being any purpose other than to be happy, be loving and enjoy every moment of life?

“What is my purpose” is the top question that my clients have for their Higher Selves in Quantum Healing sessions. Everyone wants a purpose and not just any kind of purpose, but a God-given purpose. This can be dangerous though as most of the cruelest acts are done in the name of a God-given purpose and that purpose becomes more important than life itself. What is life anyway? It isn’t something outside of you to possess. It isn’t your family, your career or the activities that fill your day but instead – it is you; you ARE life! You are the constant and eternal blue sky and the clouds, that are ever changing, are those things outside of you. Those things flow in and out and are of relative importance but you, as life, is the only thing of the utmost importance!

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Even if you had a purpose – when you’ve achieved it, then what do you do? Most would find themselves awfully bored and eventually go seeking another purpose. The truth is that you do not need a purpose; could it be the pettiness of one’s own mind that clings to a need to define; to seek meaning and to unconsciously form an identity? For some, dropping the idea of having a purpose can cause a feeling of being disconnected but that is of course the mind going through its detoxification from its desire to further one’s identity. Who are you without a purpose, after all?

This individualized identity gives the illusion of security but what it is really doing is imprisoning you, limiting you. It’s a psychological trap that we do to ourselves, but you can start to loosen the psychological trap by becoming present. When you are truly present, there is nothing boring about it – there are amazing things happening all of the time but when on a quest, you will surely miss it. When you dismantle this trap, you are also dismantling your security, your sense of purpose and everything that matters to you as a personality and so it is a journey of unraveling. This is the same journey that the Buddha went through as he “emptied the vessel of the self” (the personality self) so that all he was left with was his Eternal Self. You, as an Eternal Being, have the purpose to live your life in its totality and it is very possible for anyone who is ready to surrender their seeking.

And herein lies the beauty of self-actualization, a returning to one’s true nature and the remembrance of the one Universal and Divine Purpose that is shared by all – to remember who we truly are and to BE that. To raise one’s consciousness beyond just the daily horizontal dimension and instead, bring in the vertical dimension into our day to day lives. This is balance and this is freedom.

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As humans, we will always have things that we are passionate about and enjoy and certainly the internal impulses to move towards these things should be followed but this is made so much clearer and easier once released from the psychological traps of pursuing some defined purpose that is otherwise not so clear. Perhaps instead of the word purpose, we should indeed speak in terms of a heart’s desire. This slight change in perspective alters the otherwise heavy energy of finding one’s purpose to one much lighter, and accurate.

So, what response do most Higher Selves give clients to the question “What is my purpose”? In almost all cases, it’s to live fully, lovingly and follow internal guidance towards authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Christine Kooper

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