Meet Practitioner Christine Shanesy-Kooper

Meet Practitioner Christine Shanesy-Kooper

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Meet Practitioner Christine Shanesy-Kooper

One beautiful summer day, before school when I was around 10 years old, I remember vividly sitting on my porch and feeling exceptionally “present”, as if just an observer, taking in the scenery for the very first time.  Everything was so “alive”, which was so unlike how it looked before.  It occurred to me in that moment that everything looked so new, as I had never truly stopped to really look at everything in that way, with complete focus and connectedness. I thought about how wondrous this discovery was; as if I had stumbled across some universal secret that no one else around but me knew about.  I took one last deep breath before having to run off to catch the bus.

Life moved on, and I soon forgot about that moment of feeling so connected. I was swept back into the daily task of living and surviving my exterior circumstances.  You see, like so many of us, my childhood was filled with drama and turbulence.  Being young, it was natural for me to live through means of reacting to others and my environment, and in my case, this borne within me a top-notch co-dependent personality.  I assumed the responsibility of resolving arguments between my parents; their emotional dilemmas so that they would feel appreciated and needed.  At school, I could easily pick out the kids that felt heavy emotions, like being unloved or unpopular.  I would go out of my way in trying to make a difference to their lives; feeling a heavy burden of responsibility in taking action to do something to help, even if it was a reassuring smile of acknowledgement and kindness.  I can still remember the day in high school when my English teacher said: “You’re highly empathic, you know”, Having no idea what ‘empathetic’ really meant at the time. I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or not, so just shyly said “thank you”, as I continued to walk past her. When I got home, I looked up the word empathy and thought, well sure I’m sympathetic to others and notice these things, but so does everyone!  I didn’t know at the time, despite the help of the dictionary, I was still missing the point and meaning of the word.

I grew up with alcoholism playing a huge role, and being theme in my life.  I was conditioned to be hyper focused and diligent in noticing what everyone else around me was feeling; everyone, but my own self.  To do that, I thought was an act of selfishness.  In my early 20’s, I unwittingly married an alcoholic and by then had become so blinded by what I felt was my inadequacy to control my environment, that I didn’t even realize he was an alcoholic until someone else pointed it out for me.  It was only thanks to my new baby coming into the world, and my need to protect him, that I was able to muster up the courage to leave the marriage after 2 failed rehab attempts.  I spent the next 15 years or so hyper focused on surviving being a single mom, working tirelessly in corporate positions to make a good living. You see, as part of my conditioning, I felt tremendous compulsion to be hyper focused on everything around me that I “had” to control, or else I would suffer some horrible consequence. I most certainly didn’t trust the universe; heck, I had no awareness that there even was a higher universal intelligence.  No, it was more of a horrible fate that I had to survive. I had to survive for the sake of my son.  It was never about me though; I was always the last person I thought of. I often thought of suicide but again, I had to go on for the sake of my child: every action, always for someone else’s benefit.  And yet… buried deeply within myself there was always some distant voice that would cry out, “I feel like I was meant for something so much bigger than this!” But quickly that voice would fade with resentment, accompanied with the feeling of being victimized by some cruel fate.

Who or what influenced you to begin your path?

I had been to psychics in the past; always leaving feeling highly unimpressed, until that is when I met a friend of a friend named Elisa Kehler.  She was in visiting from Florida, and was someone who claimed to be psychic, so figuring I had nothing to lose, I decided to see her.  Within minutes I found myself ready to break into tears, as this person relayed messages and information from different Archangels; relaying different events in my life that only I could possibly know.  Never before had I experienced such truth, love and acceptance as she spoke on behalf of the Angels.  She/They saw inside of me with even more clarity than I was able to do myself.  This event shook me to my very core, and before heading back home to Florida, I made sure to have 2 more sessions with Elisa.  This was my awakening and my salvation, to know that there was more, and that I was more than I had ever known before.  From this day forward, I began to learn as much as I could about Angels, Ascended Masters, meditation and anything else that fell under the topic of Spirituality.

I quickly became a Reiki Master, and took classes in everything that came my way; receiving accreditations and practicing modalities of all kinds. My other world in the corporate environment was no longer appealing; it had lost its importance and meaning for me. Still being a hyper-focused person, I found myself meditating most days, blissfully sitting in the glorious silence of gratitude for my life that I felt had been saved.  It was exactly one year later that I gleefully found out that I was to be laid off.  The “old me” would have thought her world was crumbling down upon her, but she was no more; this new me was elated!  I spent that summer away from my computer; where I had sat for 50+ hours a week working for so many years, and instead, I went to a local forest preserve every day, where I discovered the most palatable and carefree joy that I could have ever dreamt to feel, and experience.  I hadn’t a care in the world, and while I didn’t know how things would be paid for, there was a knowingness deep inside of me that just knew everything would be okay and provided for, and, it was!  It was around this time too that I met my current husband – I was in every sense, becoming a master in manifesting; in those moments of pure bliss with no worries in the world.

What are the events that led you to become a QHHT® and BQH facilitator?

It was after Dolores Cannon had already passed, that I stumbled across one of her YouTube videos where she spoke about the backdrop people.  It was so fascinating, and it was about concepts that had never crossed my mind before.  Before this, my mind was mostly on Angels and very basic concepts, but certainly not E.T.’s, other dimensions, and other cosmic type subjects.  I had a strong feeling of knowingness that my stumbling across this video was very deliberate, as if to open my mind to more, and new information, and I felt a strong connection to this older woman who spoke with such confidence.  I innately trusted her as she didn’t come across as trying to convince me of anything but was more so, simply introducing me to new ideas. It was in this video, that she called upon the stage a young lady that grabbed my attention. I thought, “Oh my goodness, she’s so cute!” I immediately felt a gentle sincerity and kindness from this young lady. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t catch the name of this young lady. Back to the bigger point though, I had listened to many spiritual teachers by this time but never before had I felt such an immediate trust, and pull towards someone as I did with Dolores.

This is when I began to listen to every video I could find of Dolores; my world was cracked wide open with so many amazing discoveries about the world, and I just knew that I had to learn more, and go deeper than I had ever gone before.  I was soon to take Dolores’ QHHT® class; when from out of nowhere, I stumbled across a lady on Facebook who looked vaguely familiar.  It was several days later that it hit me – this was the young lady that Dolores had pulled onto stage with her in that YouTube video!  It was Candace Craw-Goldman, a woman of whom I’m so exceptionally proud to call my friend and colleague. I got to know Candace through her community forum, where I learned her expanded version of Quantum Healing called BQH.

How has Quantum Healing allowed you to shift your daily life?

Quantum Healing has forever changed who I am, how I look at, and work with the world, and people around me.  The expansion of knowledge has been amazing, but better yet, that knowledge only continues to spill into my life.  The information that can be uncovered through Quantum Healing (whether it’s QHHT® or BQH) is unlimited – the possibilities and knowledge gained, will go far beyond any other modality available today.  Even in the case of a psychic medium, who can interpret information for a person, Quantum Healing is the only technique in which you can get your own information without anyone being an in-between for you and the source of knowledge.  This is the best example of empowerment than I can think of.

How would you describe your approach to working with clients in your practice?

As with many of us, I have been on both spectrums of duality in many aspects of my life. This is of course, the only way to truly understand and appreciate where a person is at any given time in their own development.  You cannot fully understand something that you have not yet experienced first hand yourself. Still though, it goes deeper than the varied level of experiences; it’s a matter of being aware of the many underlining feelings and emotions that we go through as we experience different events.  One of the biggest emotions that bring me to a heightened level of awareness is the feeling of not being empowered.  I didn’t feel empowered for so very long, and I am very grateful for that, as without it, I wouldn’t be able to relate to such a wide variety of people and circumstances.  I was once given the message from Spirit, that one of my most prevalent abilities is the ability to relate and understand the point of view of everyone, regardless of where they were in their thinking; and this is accurate.  I can easily feel where my clients are in their pain, their questions, and their needs. I just get it, and it’s this heightened energetic connection that enables me to guide my clients to their innate empowerment to bring answers into their own lives.  Too often, people don’t feel that their qualified, or good enough to solve their own problems: they don’t feel empowered, they don’t trust themselves.  This is my mission – to help empower others, and so they will know just how immensely special, trustworthy and knowledgeable they really are.  Sometimes, they just need a little guidance to their own salvation and that’s where I like to think I come in; providing a safe space for self-discovery that will have long lasting positive impacts.

I have been borne into a life that has gifted me a wide spectrum of experiences that I cherish, and I’m humbled to be able to work with and extend my knowledge and experience to others for their own expansion.  Being a heart felt mission, I invite anyone who feels inclined to, to reach out to me for their own Quantum Healing session or even just to say hello and connect.  Connections, of any kind, are very welcome, as that is why we are here – to connect and support each other.

Article by Christine Shanesy-Kooper

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