When The Darkness Is Ready To Heal

When the Darkness is Ready to Heal

Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. Christina is devoted to assisting people to find... Read more »

Understanding The Concept Of Meditation

Understanding The Concept of Meditation

BQH practitioner Dr. Allison Brown is located just outside of Charleston, SC. In this article she shares a channeled message about the... Read more »

In-Person vs Remote Sessions

In-Person vs Remote Sessions

My dear friend, mentor, and creator of BQH Candace Craw-Goldman of QuantumHealers.com, shared a story today that touched me on how... Read more »

Transforming Our Blocks Into Doorways

Transforming our Blocks into Doorways

Diana is a practitioner at Spiral Path Therapies, a BQH practitioner, as well as facilitates BQH surrogate sessions for those who feel... Read more »

Neurodynamic Breathwork A Doorway To An Altered State Of Consciousness

Neurodynamic Breathwork; A Doorway to an Altered State of Consciousness

I recently participated in a Neurodynamic Breathwork session (an evolution of holotropic breathwork) and was inspired to share a bit about this... Read more »

Diamond Light Code Explosion - DC Summit

Diamond Light Code Explosion – DC Summit

Editor’s note: Chrysilla Lewies is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner and medium based in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. She’s intuitive and we love... Read more »

Alternate Timeline Experience

Alternate Timeline Experience

The concept of timelines is a fascinating subject, and something we all experience. You will notice this yourself if you... Read more »

Notre Damned

Notre Damned

Here at Hub Quantum Healing, we love how Hara shares her session stories, and this one will be no different:... Read more »

The Invisible Hand

The invisible hand

I had a wonderful session with a 40-year-old wonderful man which I will call Steve. He had prepared several questions... Read more »

Debunking Myths about Hypnosis in Quantum Healing Sessions

Debunking Myths about Hypnosis in Quantum Healing Sessions

– A Comprehensive List –    As a Quantum Healing Practitioner, I find that I am often having conversations with... Read more »

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