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The invisible hand

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I had a wonderful session with a 40-year-old wonderful man which I will call Steve. He had prepared several questions for his session, yet one of his main issues was the fact that his father died when he was only one year old. So he never got to know him and never got over it. So there was a blockage because of that. He always felt something missing from him.

As soon as he came in my studio, and after only 10′ of pre-talk, I felt the energy building up…he became very emotional and burst into tears. He was shocked and said he didn’t expect this to happen. I have seen this happening in my session all the time….people start releasing immediately…! I comforted him and reassured him that crying was a sign of trusting, releasing and letting go. It was so strong and emotional so very quickly!

Anyway, after  2 hours of pre-talk, we went into the hypnosis. Steve had several questions on his list but he didn’t ask for a direct connection with his father. Yet I “knew” that his father would be there with us and that he would even want to communicate with him because he so much needed it.

And so it was…! 

His main question was why his father left so early. As soon as I started asking his Higher Self questions about the subject, I could already feel a presence in the room. So I asked if his father was here with us and wanted to communicate. The client”s Higher Self confirmed that the father was there and then Steve said that his hands started to feel very warm. That’s when I looked at his hands and noticed something puzzling yet amazing. His right hand raised up a few centimeters from the bed and It stayed there, floating. I was surprised and couldn’t understand what was happening, but I kept on with the questions.

The client’s Higher Self said that his father was there with us and wanted to come through! So I connected with his father and spoke with him, asking him to communicate whatever was appropriate. It was beautiful and very emotional. His father said that Steve shouldn’t feel alone, that he loves him and is still with him, and Steve can feel him anytime he wants to even though he can not see him. He also said that he had been trying to communicate with him several times. He had to leave this life, it was time for him because he was finished here and had fulfilled his purpose. They HS also said that the client can communicate with him whenever he wants because he is always there for him. He just has to think of him and trust. He then sent him a picture of a brilliant white light and said that this is his gift to him. So whenever he would worry, he should think of this light and remember their connection. I then asked for a closing message and his father said: “That’s all, yet I’m holding his hand…

And that’s when I realized what was occurring before my eyes! His right hand which was floating up in the air a few centimeters from the bed was because indeed the father was holding his hand!

The father kept holding his hand for almost the rest of the session. Meaning the hand was in the air effortlessly for more than half an hour….!Normally we are not able to keep our hand in the air for so long. It can be painful and even with great effort, gravity pulls down.

After the session, when I discussed with him what he felt, he said that he hadn’t realized that his hand was in the air!

This is what happens when you believe and trust, and in that way allowing the miracles to manifest into the physical world!

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

During the session, I managed to quickly sneak a picture of it, since I have my phone next to me to keep track of time, so I’m sharing it with you.

To see the miracle in the photo brings it home so much more, that what we experience through this work, is utterly amazing. To capture it in a photo so helps those who need that type of “proof” to understand the esoteric side of things.

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