Graciously Named - A BQH Session

Graciously Named – A BQH Session


Hara Katsiki is a powerful healer, and one of our most active Quantum Healing Forum members, located in Berlin, Germany. We’re excited to share the following article as it demonstrates the power of a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions to show that we can connect through the veil of consciousness and connect with souls who are not yet born.

Article By Hara Katsiki

In the following unique session, I followed my normal 5 hour session procedure after discussing with my client whether it would be fine.

She went very deep very quickly, had a very beautiful past life as a male with a humanoid body on another planet where her star family (blue beings) would come often with a cylinder shaped ship to visit "him," and beam him up onto the ship to ensure he is healthy. When he died they took him directly with the ship to Source. The Higher Self came through smoothly and strongly answering all her questions and providing her with healing physically, and emotionally. Clients bring a list of questions to each session to obtain clarity from their Higher Self.

One of her questions was about the baby she is waiting for. She didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl as she had asked the doctors not to tell her. So, during the session I asked permission to connect with the Higher Self of the baby, and we got a positive response straight away and we had an amazing discussion!

The baby communicated that she's female, that she "knows" her mother as they have had many lives together. She is of the light and she’s coming in with a mission to bring that light onto the Earth and help with the ascension process. Her mum (my client) also wanted to know if she had a preference for a name and she had! She said she wants to be called "Grace."

The Higher Self of my client gave her suggestion for a smooth delivery, healed and realign her pelvic area and back (scoliosis) that was out of alignment which will also help her in the birth process.

They also said to her to not worry about anything regarding the birth as the body knows what it's doing, and she will also have support from her spiritual team, guides and galactic family who are already celebrating the coming of this wonderful soul!

When she woke up, she was so happy. She was shining!

She said that all the discomfort and pain she was feeling prior to the session was all gone and she was feeling re-energized and so very peaceful. She also shared with me that during the time we were speaking with the Higher Self of her baby, it was very active inside her belly and she received it as a sign that we were indeed communicating with her, and it was moving a lot because she’s so happy!

It was such a beautiful experience! I feel like such an honor to connect a mother and daughter in this way.

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