Saving The Children Moves Us To The New Earth

Saving the Children Moves us to the New Earth


A channeled message from Dolores Cannon via Hara Katsiki


Dolores Cannon spoke and wrote much about the idea of the “The New Earth.” There are a lot of theories about what it looks like, how we might get there, and how it would be different than the “old” Earth. Some say we are straddling both of these worlds right now.

The New Earth vibrates higher than the old version, in the upper 4th and 5thdensity, versus the lower 3rd and 4th density. In the New Earth, trauma and abuse are simply non-existent. 

As uncomfortable as it is to acknowledge, a vivid example of this lower density is human trafficking, especially child trafficking of even the youngest babies, is nothing new. Satanic rituals and occult black magic rituals have existed upon our planet for thousands of years. More and more people are becoming aware of this tragic situation,

This collective human trauma is a part of the current worldwide control drama and it has reached “epidemic” proportions. But the good news is that the LIGHT is increasing and we are moving in the right direction! We are globally going through a planetary, individual and collective healing process.

So as everything is now being exposed to the immense light that is coming in our planet, disclosure and truth movements are exposing this more widely in order to awake the masses, to expose and release this dark agenda. 

Freedom fighters, truth seekers and light bringers all over the world are assisting in this more and more for the sake of our children and the bright future we wish to see manifested on our planet.

Our children are the future of humanity. They are our future as a race. The time is now for justice, sovereignty, truth and freedom.  This is the new world we all strive for, and the reason why most of us are here at this time!

Candace Craw Goldman and I have decided to do a group meditation during the “Quantum Realms 2021” week to join forces with all of you to assist in this healing process.  And just a few hours after we decided to do this, I was visited by Dolores Cannon who connected with me telepathically and gave me the following message:

Dolores:  Hara I am very happy that Candace and you are going to do this.

Make no mistake…these children are special children, they are very powerful souls.  They have agreed to go through this because at the soul level they know that they have the ability to do so. They are very advanced souls who know how to transmute energy from dark to light. So, they have taken this experience upon them…

Hara:  So Dolores, if these souls have agreed to go through this and they are already so advanced, does that mean that we do not need to “do” anything about this situation and just rest in the knowing that all is well?

Dolores:  This is a very good question Hara, and that’s not necessarily what I mean. There is no right or wrong here.

Like I said these souls have agreed to go through this experience. And yes, from the Source perspective all is well. And yes, ultimately it’s all a game, an illusion. 

Yet this game is very real, it manifests into your physical reality. You, as human beings are here to experience that. You are here to be and go through this physical reality. And you know that “the only way out, is in”. What I mean by that is that you have chosen to have the human experience in the physical 3D world. If you were to only experience the higher perspective, you simply would not be here!

You are not here to shift and focus your perspective only at the Source level, but to engage in all levels. Physical, emotional, mental and of course spiritual. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! 

If you, by having become aware of the bigger picture and realized that it’s a game, remove yourself from the physicality then you bypass the lessons that you are here to learn. You miss the teachings and the objective experience of all of this.

Your purpose as an incarnated embodied soul in the 3rd dimension is to transmute all of that while remaining a human being. That being said, you are supposed to experience this physical reality but not get too caught up in the drama, recognizing it for what it is. You are here to bring all of these levels of being together in a balanced integrated wholeness.

So, when you are awake and aware of all of this, you can have both the Source perspective of ALL IS WELL, and at the same time go through the human experience, transmute it and become the masters that you are!

The reason you are here is to remember that you can manipulate energy with the power of your mind, and then use that power in a conscious way.

There is no right or wrong in all of this and there is no judgment whether you should or should not engage in helping to “save these children.” They represent an unhealed aspect within the collective and within each of you, and you are invited to accept, integrate and therefor heal. If you choose to do so it’s very important because you are actually exercising this ability that you have to become a conscious creator of manipulating and transmuting energy.

The goal here is to be able to be in this world and not of it as they say. To be lucid. To be awake within the dream. Like lucid dreaming!

You need to engage and master all of your systems (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) into a balanced integrated way and when you realize all of this you can use your Free Will and the power of your mind to invoke the Creator within.

In order to create, to become a conscious creator, all polarities need to be integrated.  It is literally how the game is played!

Hara: P.S. Dolores has promised me that she will assist me in writing the script for this group mediation.  We hope that you will join us. The date/time of the event will be announced soon!

In love and service


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